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  1. Welcome from Virginia! I have ancestors who were immigrants from Norway to the Red River Valley! I love all things Norweigian! So glad you are here!
  2. Welcome from a descendant of Norweigian immigrants to the Red River Valley! Do you say Uff da?
  3. It's finished! I'll be uploading pictures later.
  4. Si, era confusado. Lo siento mucho! No intento ofender! I don't listen to them. Besides, I am a critter lover myself, but I can be without going overboard.
  5. No dice que USTED dice que los amantes de las lanas son crueles! But I HAVE seen other "green" and PETA types say so, and it irritates me to NO END!
  6. More of mine: I will use ANY yarn! Know what? Wool and cotton are "greener" than milk and corn fibers, but wool lovers are called cruel? Huh? No comprendo.
  7. Schmetterling, could you please send me an invite so that I can read your blog again?
  8. Yes, please do tell us where the pattern is!
  9. OH! And Kim MUST teach the butterfly afghan class! Please?
  10. Maybe a local dyer would host the dyeing class? Just a thought! I KNOW it's a CROCHET retreat, but what about a beginning knitter's class? I can't figure it out!
  11. Anyhow, I really don't know yet which college I will go to. I suppose it really depends on finances!
  12. Strangely enough, homeschooled kids tend to look past age, and just socialize! It's very cool! I can sit and talk with any age group! I'm sure there are some public and private schooled kids who can too, but homeschooled kids pretty much have to learn to! And I think it's a VERY good thing, too!
  13. Wow, now that I have discovered this, I am definately doing it! Oh my! *must finish other WIPs FIRST* *scolds self*
  14. If you are crazy, I am too! I LOVE the stuff, but I can TOTALLY see why others hate it!
  15. Here's what I would like to see: a spinning and dying series. The first day, do a class on spinning from the fiber just harvested (carding, I think is what needs to be done first). That class I would have an option to pay $30 w/o materials (so that people could bring their own) OR $50 w/ materials (for people who don't want to find their own fiber first). Then the next day, a class on dying the spun yarn. Again, something like $30 w/o materials, $40 with just the dye, and $50 with all materials. Prices manipulated to reflect reasonable cost, of course.
  16. Yes, I was thinking just use thread with the fun fur. Currently I have a scarf on hook with worsted weight and N, but it isn't intended to look allover fur! I also did just fun fur with a K.
  17. *cringes* Okay, first off, it REALLY helps if you can use a strand of plain yarn with it. That enables you to use a smaller hook and still see the stitches. I use a K hook when I am using JUST the Fun Fur, so that should give you some idea. Also, with amigurumi, if you are doing single crochet in the round, most of the "fuzzy" should end up on the INSIDE. Just turn it inside out when you are done. And finally, DON'T spend so much for it next time! Check Big Lots, The Dollar Tree, etc. Lots of Ville'ers have gotten skeins for $1 each. If your local stores don't have it, ask us! And if you cannot work with it, offer it to us! Maybe one of us who CAN use it could make the pattern and send it to you. There are lots of options.
  18. Well, I am finishing up the squares: the blue is purple and pink instead. Ummm... I found one error in the beginning round (says to repeat twice, but needs to be repeated 3 times), and the whole squares are rather confusing to me. Most patterns work fine for me, but I have been confused left, right, and center with this one! Pictures when it's done!
  19. Thanks for the link, Tia! But I wasn't so much looking for patterns as I was stitches. I was thinking maybe you ladies would have some good ideas for stitches to use! I will look at the link and see if maybe there is a stitch idea I can glean from the patterns.
  20. I am in process of deciding which granny square pattern to use.
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