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  1. Cascade Fixations is nice and stretchy. But for the polka dots? You have me befuddled!
  2. I got the pattern, and will work it up ASAP!
  3. Thanks! I agree, that is a darling pattern. I had so much fun putting Squooshy together!
  4. I tested this for Chriscrochetcrazy, and again, it's WAY overdue! My siblings have named him "Squooshy" and I will make two more for Thanksgiving!
  5. Peaches N Cream is THE BEST for washcloths, IMO. You could also use Sugar N Cream, but I have not yet had the opportunity to use it.
  6. I've started mine! I'll post pics in a few days.
  7. *wry grin* Looks like I can't send one after all. I guess I had too much on my plate.
  8. It's probably fine, but I would let Red Heart know. Maybe they will replace it.
  9. *giggles* I didn't start with a pattern! I am designing my own! LOL
  10. Major warning to Charity: Get your mom's permission before you accept the offer of yarn from any of us! I neglected to do that once: the fall-out wasn't pretty! And I was 18!
  11. I watched her tutorial on Broomstick Lace, too. And THAT is LOVELY!
  12. Oh, thanks for the link! It's very pretty, but I thought that a solomon's knot pattern was more of a + sign shape? NOW I'm confused!
  13. Hmmm. Solomon's knot; I hadn't thought of that. I'll admit, tho, that stitch scares me! But it IS lovely! Yes, you can't copyright stitch patterns, because everyone uses them. The afghan shawl idea is great too!
  14. Thanks for the link! I'm thinking at this point I'll make sort of a half circle shawl, very lacy and open. We'll see!
  15. Try Red Heart Baby Sport Pompadour. It is very similar.
  16. No, just pretend that the ch10 space is a stitch, and stitch in that "stitch". Does that make sense?
  17. My mom had always used Boye, so that's what I used, until I was given 3 Susan Bates hooks by some friends. Now, those hooks are my FAVORITE, but all my other hooks (except for L and M in SB plastic, and an unknown plastic Q hook) are Boye. I can use either, I just prefer my Susan Bates!
  18. I actually find that for some yarns, SB prevents splitting, and some yarns Boye is better for that.
  19. I just save the HTML files. That way I have them for FOREVER! *grins*
  20. I need to find a graph for an elephant. I want to make some 6" squares using it. Anyone?
  21. The deadline to join the KAL has passed, I'm afraid. I barely joined in time.
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