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  1. So glad you found your hook! Keep in mind that you can find just about anything online, although probably not vintage hooks. I keep eyeing that Threads by Lisa site, almost everything is Susan Bates and I *love* Susan Bates!
  2. Did you get mine yet? I just sent it on Wednesday, so you probably haven't.
  3. It's been sent! I hope it gets to you!
  4. I haven't sent it yet, I keep forgetting. Do you still need it or should I try to give it to someone else? I'm sorry!
  5. She did not ask me to post the pictures; I am just super please with how the squares turned out! These are both made from the same pattern, but with two different interpretations, if that makes sense! The first one is made in Peaches N Cream worsted weight cotton with a K hook. It is a washcloth that I will send in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. The second is made with Caron Simply Soft and an H hook for the Secret Comfortghan. I added 3 rounds of single crochet to bring the square up to 8", as my guage was a little tight. The blue is actually a bright purple! Thanks to SmoothFox for a LOVELY pattern!
  6. I wanna post a picture of the square I made, hmmkay? lol (It's from a pattern I tested for SmoothFox. )
  7. Some SUPER nice ones here: http://www.lullabiesandlace.com/freepatterns.html (Scroll down to Free Crochet Patterns for Play)
  8. Hey, Candy, I made a square today, now to get it mailed, maybe Friday? We'll see...
  9. Agreed, stealing is stealing, whether yarn or cars!
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