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  1. LOL! I hope so, if I was the only one I would never pick up a hook again!
  2. Ok people, its official. I am an idiot. I was looking at the wrong size. Nothing I was going to do would have added up because I was focused on the stitch count for the wrong size. I even highlighted them before hand and got them wrong twice. So, please forget we ever had this conversation and act like we've never met. Thank you tralee for not laughing out loud (I hope) when you realized I missed that important piece of info. I love the 'ville!!!
  3. I do have the correct 38 hdc. So how do I manage to get the 49 ch-1 spaces I need to repeat the * to * once and then working 2sc in the last 2 ch-1 spaces. I tried following the pattern but I was left with 13 empty ch-1 spaces if I didn't repeat from the* to * . If I do repeat it the 1 time called for then I am no where near being able to "2sc in the next 23 ch-1 sp" If you understand it, can you dumb it down for me? I am so frustrated. I have spent all day trying to get it. I have posted on the pattern's support site, here and emailed the designer. So far no go but I hope so
  4. Its a pattern I bought from Crochet Garden. Can I post which dress or would that endanger copyright?
  5. Whew! I was worried it was something super simple and I was just over complicating it.
  6. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Rnd 2: Ch1, hdc in same sc, ch 1, skip next stitch, *hdc in next st, ch1, sk next st*, repeat around (38 hdc) Rnd 3: Ch1 , *2sc in each of next 23 ch-1 spaces, 3sc in next ch-1 space, repeat from * 1 time, 2sc in last of 2 ch-1 spaces, join with a sl st to front loop of the first sc. At the end of this row I should have 78 st. Sooo I keep getting hung up on Rnd 3. How do I repeat the 23 when after completing the * to the * I end up with 13 ch-1 spaces left, not 23 plus the extra 2 at the end. I am pretty sure its user error, but I
  7. What colors are those?! That is SO beautiful!
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