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  1. I'm thinking of making a baby afghan with this pattern. I hope it will help get rid of the scrap yarn that I'm drowning in!
  2. How are things coming? I've done about 3 more squares in bright red. In the red-green-white color scheme(also known as the Mountain Dew blanket), I have about 37 squares done. In the random-color scheme, I have about 9 squares done. I find the edging to be somewhat difficult. It's supposed to be 25 stitches in between the corners, and most of the time I have to add or decrease. Still plugging away....
  3. So how is the progress on this afghan coming along? I always say that this is the pattern that mocks me. I started several years ago and never finished. Started again in different colors and progressed quite well until we moved. Then, I wanted one made with scraps. So now I have two of these waiting to be finished! Today I did 2 blocks of the scrap one in a light purple color. I have learned a lot doing this monster. Perserverence is one thing. I WILL finish both of them. Also, I've learned how to make the squares come out all the same size, and I've learned not to let yarn frustrate me so much!
  4. I'm bumping this up because I want to read the entire thread, and I don't want to keep having to search for it.
  5. The Babette is a purchased pattern. I paid 5.50 to download it from the internet. I did the Babette. It's still in my closet because I haven't finished sewing it together, or putting the border on it. I really enjoyed making it. I think I am addicted to scrap patterns. On my next one, I will sew each section together as I go along. As far as weaving in ends, I crochet over the ends as I go along, so it's not so bad at the end.
  6. redsfan

    Pizza Pizza

    My husband GOT OUT OF HIS CHAIR when I said, "honey, it's a pizza blanket"
  7. I'm not familiar with this. What all is involved?
  8. I agree--it's a great find and congratulations! How could the person sell an afghan for $1.oo? That is insanity.
  9. Hey! I am from Ohio-west central. It's about 40 miles south of Lima, 70 miles north of Dayton, 25 miles east of Portland, IN. COLD!
  10. I got the yarn for my mom's next ripple. She wants it in the same colors as the ripple I made her 28 years ago--dark brown, pumpkin, tan and off-white. Believe it or not, I found the very pattern I used back then, too. The stripes on this pattern go longwise, so if I want it long enough to cover my entire body and use an "H" hook, I have to chain over 500 stitches! I have an alternate plan--use my favorite "N" hook. This will be much faster. Another thing--What Red Heart is calling "pumpkin" sure looks orange to me. Happy rippling!
  11. Hello everybody! I'm not a member of this CAL, but I'm thinking about it. The pictures are all beautiful. I made a ripple for my mother in 1981, which everyone in the family loves and still uses on a daily basis. They all say I crocheted sleeping powder into it because every time someone covers up with it, they fall asleep. Now she wants another one because one afghan isn't enough when everyone wants it. She even willed it to her grandson after she dies. Maybe I'll get the yarn next week.
  12. I live in St. Marys-about 70 miles north of Dayton and 40 miles south of Lima.
  13. Booo Steelers! But the afghan looks great!
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