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    I am married with 2 grown girls and one spoiled dog.
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    Orland Park, Il
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    Scuba Diving, camping
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    currently unemployed, can you give me a job?
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    6 monthes
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  1. caribbeandiver1


  2. caribbeandiver1

    Ripple CAL anyone???

    Nice ripple, I love the colors
  3. caribbeandiver1

    Air Freshener cover

    Has any one ever done anything to cover up one of those renusit air fresheners? I am kind of new to crocheting so I don't think I would be up to making a pattern, but thought maybe someone here may have seen something. Thanks
  4. caribbeandiver1

    Hola from Dominican Republic!

    Hello, From Chicago, il
  5. caribbeandiver1

    I'm in IL,

    I live in Orland Park, IL. I was just up in Gurnee on Tuesday, my DH, and DD(22) went to Great America.
  6. I live in Orland Park, Illinois. Anyone near by??
  7. caribbeandiver1


    Welcome from Illinois
  8. caribbeandiver1

    Free Star Dishcloth Pattern

    Great Pattern, I have been looking for some variation on Dishcloth patterns as I want to make a bunch to give out at Christmas. Thanks
  9. caribbeandiver1

    Lumberjack Flannelghan CAL / finished ghans in Post 1

    I love this afghan, it is simple yet different. Thanks:clap
  10. caribbeandiver1


    This is to see my new avitar
  11. caribbeandiver1

    Soft Flower Blanket

    Wow!! I just love it. I'm going to look into making that for my neice. Thanks
  12. caribbeandiver1

    To roll or not to roll.

    I always roll my yarn before I start. I hate when it gets all tangled!
  13. caribbeandiver1

    Frog Patterns in Crochet

    Has anyone seen a afghan with a frog on it? My neice is having a baby and is decorating the room with frogs. I would so love to do a blanket to match. We just found out yesterday that it is going to be a boy, we are so excited. First boy for our family.
  14. caribbeandiver1

    Birdie Bookmark Pattern

    Thanks, I love your web site you have some very cute ideas that I look forward to making......If I can just find the time....
  15. I have only been crocheting for about 6 months, and i just finished a nice size afghan in about 5 weeks. It was a simple basket weave pattern that went fairly fast.