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  1. Gr8ful Momma

    Flowers bag

    I will be adding this to my to do list. My daughter was adamant. :-)
  2. Gr8ful Momma

    Crochet Flower Dress

    Stunning work! I love it and I suspect my little girl will too. Thank you for sharing! The model is even more lovely than the dress!
  3. Gr8ful Momma

    Little Miss Crochet Dresses

    Cute! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Gr8ful Momma

    Chill Out - 18" doll

    Very cute!
  5. Gr8ful Momma


    OT but are you any relation to Clotilde of Clotilde's Sew Smart?
  6. Gr8ful Momma

    Customized Crochet Tutu Skirt ~ Available!

    Very nice, I know some princesses who would love one.
  7. Gr8ful Momma

    My Latest Patterns

    Cute, I like beanie.
  8. Oh that is cute, if I had time I would do it. Can't wait for the pattern to be available. :fingersx: it comes out in multiple sizes!
  9. Gr8ful Momma

    Violet girl

    That's adorable!
  10. Gr8ful Momma

    Blouse for Girls

    So cute! Is there a pattern?
  11. Gr8ful Momma

    Red Heart Free Pattern Little Sweetie Dress

    That's so cute, good job!
  12. Gr8ful Momma

    Little Lady Hand Bag

    As usual, fantastic look. Thank you for sharing. My daughter will love this as well.
  13. Gr8ful Momma

    Yarn Destashing Giveaway - WINNER CHOSEN

    I would love to be entered, thank you for the chance to win.
  14. Gr8ful Momma

    Crochet Sun Hat with bow

    Ooh that is a cute hat! Thanks for sharing.