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  1. I've just finished crocheting up my first ferret! I'm going to finish up his a little friend with some modifications and then I'll get the pattern written up :)


    Wanna see? Click here!



    Ohhhh June, the ferret is soooooooo cute. I am so happy that I posted the original request for a stuffed ferret pattern. I can't wait to see the pattern.


    Thanks a million you are an angel.


  2. Ferret pattern update: I've been visiting pet stores to watch and measure the ferrets, so I'm about ready to start.and then I will get crocheting!





    Thank you for the update and I do sooooo appreciate you tackling this endeavor.


    Take care.


  3. Has anyone ever seen a crochet pattern for a stuffed ferret? I would love a thread one but doubt if one exists for thread and a yarn one easily can be done in thread.


    I've seached online and haven't come across any. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site or name of a pattern book that would have a ferret pattern. I have a friend who does foster care or something like that with ferrets and I'd like to surprise her by making one for her.


    Many thanks beforehand.


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