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  1. Thank you, mattenylou. That makes perfect sense. I'll let mom know.
  2. My mother wants to make this winnie-the-pooh afghan. However, she is wondering if the pattern is missing something or whether or not she is reading it wrong. http://www.angelfire.com/ky/sammy1/ She counted the spaces (+ 1 ) and it is 64. She chained 64 but it only measures about 18 “. There is no way that the final measurements will be 41” X 60”. She is using a G hook, Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Not the thin yarn, I’m a threadie so am not familiar with yarn sizes. Have tried larger hooks as well. It says to count the spaces and follow the chart. Is she reading it wrong? Has any
  3. Ohhhh June, the ferret is soooooooo cute. I am so happy that I posted the original request for a stuffed ferret pattern. I can't wait to see the pattern. Thanks a million you are an angel. Pam
  4. June, Thank you for the update and I do sooooo appreciate you tackling this endeavor. Take care. Pam
  5. Has anyone ever seen a crochet pattern for a stuffed ferret? I would love a thread one but doubt if one exists for thread and a yarn one easily can be done in thread. I've seached online and haven't come across any. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site or name of a pattern book that would have a ferret pattern. I have a friend who does foster care or something like that with ferrets and I'd like to surprise her by making one for her. Many thanks beforehand. Pam
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