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    crocheting, miniatures, sewing, and reading
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    classroom aide for disabled children
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    10 years+
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    clothing items, toys, small items
  1. 20Mary08

    Doggie afghan

    That is absolutely adorable!!
  2. 20Mary08

    Lilac and Orchid Blankie

    Oh, that is so pretty!!!!
  3. 20Mary08

    Hearts for Girls Dolls

    You could always take her out carefully, measure and return to the box. I got my daughter two of the ones that Walmart sells, Madame Alexander. They are 18" though, I think, and that's what I did last Christmas. I took one out and infact kept her in my dresser drawer until I was done making the clothes and then tied her back in and no one was the wiser. I made them each a few outfits that she could open when she got the dolls. By the way, their hair is wonderful, doesn't mat or get all knotted and nasty like the 18" sold in craft stores, those are horrible. Good luck!!
  4. 20Mary08

    Where is the cheapest place to get yarn?

    Oh, never even thought of getting stuck with a bad yarn:eek
  5. 20Mary08

    Loader Pillow Toy

    How cool is that?! Nice job!!
  6. 20Mary08

    Pets mats for the shelter.......

    Those are great!! What a nice thing to do for those that have little comfort in their lives right now.
  7. 20Mary08

    Squiggly Hat

    That is an awesome hat!!
  8. 20Mary08

    Barbie accessories

    Great shawl!! She's all set for a night on the town.
  9. 20Mary08

    Patchwork Pet Mats

    Those are great!! I love the colors!
  10. 20Mary08

    Pastel Round Ripple

    That is so pretty!!!
  11. 20Mary08

    Betsy Ross Afghan

    That is beautiful!!!
  12. 20Mary08

    Where is the cheapest place to get yarn?

    I get my yarn at Michaels or JoAnn's. They have the biggest selection in this area. Big lots has yarn, small size, for those little scrap projects. I will buy from Herrschners or Mary Maxim when they have a sale on bulk if I need a lot. But I have to know which yarn it is because some of their yarn is thin and splits, so you have to be careful of that. I have started having people buy the yarn for things they want made too. If I charge them it's never even close to what it costs me. If they don't like it then I don't have to make it. I have a coworker who wants an afghan because she just got her new apartment. So she keeps giving me hints, how nice it would be if she had one. How wonderful if someone would make her one. People have no idea how time consuming and costly it is to make something.
  13. 20Mary08

    Shoulder pain from Crocheting???

    I just started having pain in my right shoulder, I'm also left handed, so I don't know why I get the pain in my right one. Anyway, I have used a bed pillow under my right arm so it's elevated enough to relieve the pain. But, no I won't stop crocheting!!!
  14. 20Mary08

    Morning glory Afghan

    That is beautiful!!!
  15. 20Mary08

    Baby Boy Outfit

    That is adorable!! Nice job.