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    i am married , have 4 girls and 4 grandkids 3 girls and 1 boy
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    crocheting knitting all crafts
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    house wife
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    since i was 12
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  1. marilynv

    Dual Handled Tote Bag

    I love your purses i have made several of them.
  2. marilynv

    pink pony purse

    That is very cute
  3. marilynv

    My blanket

    That is very cute
  4. marilynv

    Spider Stitch Wrap

    I love it very pretty
  5. marilynv

    Hats I just finished

    I got these two patterns from you tube Art of Crochet by Teresa she is awesome. The one pic of the puff stitch hat she made but i added the scarf.
  6. marilynv

    cell phone case and coin purse set

    Those are very cute
  7. marilynv


    Here is a placemat and coaster i made a set of 4 i got the trash bags form the dollar tree I love that store.
  8. marilynv


    Here are 2 rag bags i made and 2 from shopping bags from where ever i can get them
  9. marilynv

    Ginham baby blanket

    very pretty good luck in the fair
  10. marilynv

    Annie needs a new home! We have a winner!

    That takes me back please add me if i get it i have the perfect little girl to give it to she is my 6month old granddaughter
  11. marilynv

    project basket

    I made this basket from some materal that i had, now i am going to use it to keep my stuff in that i am working on at the time so that it is all together.
  12. marilynv

    Can Cozy with Hat

    That is really cute i am going to try one.
  13. marilynv

    Baby Afghan

    I made this for a friend i bowl with she is having a boy.
  14. marilynv

    sending husbands to get yarn

    I would have to say that my husband would know what i was talking about because he also ueses yarn, He is a fly fisherman and he ties his own flys so sometimes we share yarn. so if anyone out there has a little ball of yarn they can't use he could use it just let me know.
  15. marilynv

    Butterfly Bag

    Very pretty those are my favorite colors