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    Am a SAHM with 2 daughters and the best husband.
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    Northern New York (way up there)
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    Crocheting, Cross-stitch, Reading, but I haven't done anything but crochet since learning to.
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    Since September 2004
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    Things my kids can wear. And MommaChelle projects lol.
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  1. ZingyZoid

    Santa Purse

    I think it's in Crochet with Bits and Pieces.
  2. ZingyZoid

    Cate Blanchette... oh my

    That cracks me up! lol At least it fits nicely and isn't all droopy and boxy and misshapen. And really, I love the multicolored granny square so while I wouldn't wear it I actually kind of like it, lol.
  3. ZingyZoid

    Remember when we were looking for

    It really is gorgeous.
  4. ZingyZoid

    Butterfly Facial Scrubbies Gift Set

    This is totally cute! I can't wait to make a set.
  5. ZingyZoid

    Noah's Ark Afghan

    That does help thanks!
  6. ZingyZoid

    Noah's Ark Afghan

    It's so cute! I'm in the process of making one also. I need to finish up the turtle and then I can start placing the pieces onto the afghan. Can I ask how you ended up doing that? I'm concerned about how the reverse side will look.
  7. ZingyZoid

    Baby 9 Patch

    Love it!!
  8. ZingyZoid

    ravelry.com question

    lol I think when they first started there was a much longer waiting period.
  9. ZingyZoid

    Pound Puppy

    He's so cute! When I was a kid mine looked just like that but was black instead of brown. Thanks for sharing.
  10. ZingyZoid

    Noah's Ark Baby Blanket/Activity Pram Cover

    What a great blanket! I love the different yarns and textures. That orange fish looks all soft and plush.
  11. ZingyZoid

    Need help - Update Finished Blanket

    This is really pretty. I agree with you about it being such a great blanket due to the simplicity of the stitch. I like when the flourish of a blanket is outside the area that will be covering the baby. It's a wonderful gift and I'm sure mom and baby will love it!
  12. ZingyZoid

    Please take a look and give me your opinion?

    Ok details on the blankie: Yarn - Patons Bumblebee Baby Cotton, DK weight Colors - Wild Rose, Daffodil, Sweet Green, Morning Glory and Pansy Yardage - Each ball = 123 yards. I used 2 balls of each color plus a little extra pink. Size - 35x40 Pattern - Easy Ripple Patons Discontinued this yarn some time ago but I think they replaced it with a their Beehive yarn although the colors do not appear to be the same. I really liked this yarn though, no splitting! Thank you for the compliments on the colors. Sharon- the pink and green are GREAT together, they remind me of watermelon colors.
  13. ZingyZoid

    Please take a look and give me your opinion?

    It's finished and on it's way out the door to the baby shower. Thanks again for all opinions! I will be back with the info when I get home tonight, I just don't have time to dig out the labels right now. I can tell you that unfortunately the yarn is Patons Bumblebee 100% cotton and it's been discontinued.
  14. ZingyZoid

    Please take a look and give me your opinion?

    Thank you all very much! I am going with the edging. I just needed to hear it from someone else ya know?