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  1. If you start with 12 stitches, the second round would double to 24. All subsequent rounds will increase by 6 stitches. You should have no ruffling if you you this sequence.
  2. Just keep in mind that these kind of craft fairs to keep the items small and inexpensive. I sometimes buy the one size fits all stretchy gloves (usually $1 at places like Michael's) in several colors and crochet the trim on it. You can sell these for around $5 to $7 for a pair of gloves.
  3. There is a video tutorial that Red Heart did with Kristen Omdahl on how to crochet with it.
  4. I use this yarn frequently, and you ch 1 at the end of the row and then sc across however many stitches you started with. Also, I find it helpful to use a stitch holder for the last stitch when you put it down. It prevents the yarn from unraveling or losing stitches.
  5. I'll be arriving on Tuesday afternoon and leaving on Monday. Can't wait to see everyone!
  6. I just had the 4 Leaf Clover Throw that was just published by Red Heart. It's a free pattern on their website
  7. Unfortunately, once the pattern leaves my hands, it goes thru numerous other hands such as the tech editor (they're usually pretty good) and then sent on to someone else to type out pattern. The designer almost never sees the final proof of the instructions. If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Shari White
  8. Hi Everyone- As the designer of the pattern. I'll try to answer the questions that have been asked. In tunisian crochet, every row is worked in 2 passes, the first row is to pick up the loops as indicated, and the 2nd pass is to work the stitches off the hook. In this case, the tunisian square is worked over 4 rows, each having 2 passes. Here's how my instructions were written for Row 2(right side of the project) sc in first dc (loop on hook counts as first loop). [insert hook into next st, pull up a loop and keep on hook]5 times,(you will now have 6 loops on your hook),insert hook into first dc of 9-dc shell, [yo and pull thru 2 loops]6 times, there will be one loop left on hook. The first tunisian row has now been completed. *the loop on the hook counts as your first st, skip the first vertical bar, [insert hook under the next vertical and pull up a loop]5 times, insert hook into next dc of 9-dc shell, [yo and pull thru 2 loops] t times, repeat from * t more times. You will now have 4 rows of vertical bars and a competed tunisian square. After the 4th tunisian row, you will need to bind off. Bind off by inserting hook under the 2nd vertical bar, yo and pull thru vetical bar and loop on hook, bind off the next 4 sts. There will be one loop left on hook, sc in 5th dc of 9-dc shell. As far as the blanket laying flat, don't worry. It will need to be blocked after it's completed. Please let me know if there are any other questions and I'll be glad to answer them. Shari
  9. I'm the designer of the throw. If you need any additional help, let me know. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.
  10. The stitch is in one of the Harmony guides to crochet stitches. I'm thinking that it'sthe first one.
  11. The design was in the Feb. 2011 edition of Crochet World.
  12. I'm glad you like it. I designed it and it's easy to do. It worked up very quickly (I did this while I was at the beach). Have fun stitching. Shari
  13. I would spend that much if the quality of the work is that good and it was different. This is the kind of item that you're going to have in your home for a long time. I too, sell my handmade item. Many are by request. I can also justify the cost because I tend not to use box store yarn. I'm also very picky about craft shows. You must know the market and customer and what they're willing to pay. My afghans range between $150 to $300. I've found over the years, that if you charge to little for finished items, most people tend to think that you used cheap material and won't touch it. The following year (same venue), I doubled the price of my afghans, and sold 10 (avg cost was about $125). We as crocheters need to take more pride in our work and value the work we do. Just my 2 cents.
  14. It's always a great thrill as a designer to see someone else making your designs. You did a fantastic job:yay It looks great!
  15. That's my throw on the front of the ebook! Thanks for letting us know about the ebook.
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