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    I'm 20 years old and love to crochet on my free time in between work and school!
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    Knitting, crocheting, reading, hanging with friends, playing on the computer, movies
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    Supervised at grocery store; full time student
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    Ripple Afghans, hairpin lace afghans, RRs, granny squares
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  1. So about 5 years I started to make an afghan with hairpin lace crochet and I would love to try to finish it. My only problem is that some of the balls of yarn I am using are partially usee and in the middle of the strip i need to join another ball. When i try to do this the whole strips seems to fall apart. I am not sure why. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Yup I live in Auburn. I think I will help you finish some of your current assignments. I already have a pair of adult slippers done
  3. Hi, I'm sorry I didn't respond until. I've been very busy at school but finally off now! I have work most days of the week but have evenings off. Any size squares are okay for me, but if they ends were woven already that would be best (I hate weaving haha). Let me know if you are still interested!
  4. Beth, I live in the Worcester area too. What a coincidence! Over the summer i can try to make some scarves but can also assemble the squares into blankets. Currently im in school in the southcoast of MA but will be in Worcester all summer. Let me know
  5. Thanks everyone! We go down to Cape Cod every summer. I just loved how the two colors represent the beach!
  6. I've been so busy with school, I had been putting off this flannel-ghan for my dad. I found the pattern here from the CAL and I fell in love with it. I decided to make this for my dad for Christmas, but I wasn't able to finish it. Instead last weekend I finished it and gave it to him as a surprise when I went home for the weekend. The colors are Cape-Cod Blue and Off white in Caron One Pound Yarn. My dad loves Cape Cod so I decided to make the colors to represent the beach. He loved it! It's so big it took up most of my dorm room floor as you can see.
  7. I'm sorry i was unable to send you my afghans I had made for last year. I'm a nursing student and each semester is very stressful. I will definitely send you the afghans I made last year and more during the summer before my fall semster this year!
  8. Flipping threw the channels last night I noticed the afghan on their couch and stopped to watch the episode!
  9. I would love to join! I recently have gotten back into crocheting so this will be perfect to keep me going! I was also a NICU baby 20 years ago. Though I was fortunate enough to be in the NICU for only 5 days, if it were not for the wonderful staff I would not be here today. This charity is very true to my heart! Hopefully planning on having 10+! -Kelly
  10. Hey, I'm currently working on a rectangle granny square for my dorm room. I'm thinking of the border I want to do, when i came across this picture. Does anyone know how to make this frizzy border or exactly it is called? Thank a lot
  11. In history class we were assigned an event or place for the civil rights movement. We had to create a memorial in writing and a peice of art. I decided to make a flag for the Little Rock 9. Well here it is! I knitted the pink area first in stockinette stitch and then went over them with the duplicate stitch, with a small single crochet border. It took me forever so i wasnt able to block it so i attached it to a board so it would lie flat. She loved it, but lets hope I get a good grade!! Let me know what you think. P.s. the lavender color are the Little Rock Nine's members anitials and the All 1 at the top demonstrates that all nine and others were all together to try to desegregate the south. The photo washed out the color-the background is baby pink.
  12. k thanks. i've spent ages on that site before, and i just can't pick 1 haha.
  13. I need a good looking 6" granny square that doesnt use up a whole lot of yarn. i'm making my sister a granny square afghan for christmas/ her birthday. she is gunna be 17. Any suggestions
  14. Well i was in desperate need for a pincushion, and i bouth 75 new pins today at my grocery store. I was in the Halloween mood, so i found a pattern and a crocheted this. It kind of looks like a gorilla . i hope you all like!
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