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  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has the 24 patterns that made up the Lollipop Lane and Cupcake Corner dolls from the 1980's. I would like clean originals that I might borrow and return.
  2. Ok. My daughter wants the Bernat one because she likes that stitch pattern (made her a sweater with the same pattern - http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=104193). I think I'm going to use the Bernat one and adapt it for my baby son...not like I can't try it on him as I go! I'm going to make his first, since hers is going to be a Christmas present and she doesn't know what yarn I'm using.
  3. I think I might join you guys on this one. I need to decide which pattern I want to use and what yarn. The Bernat pattern is a completely different stitch pattern and smaller hook (http://www.bernat.com/data/pattern/pdf/Bernat_KWweb2_cr_wrapghan.en_US.pdf) than the Red Heart ones (http://redheart.com/FreePatterns/tabid/118/Default.aspx?tabid=118&patternid=LW1838.pdf or http://www.coatsandclark.com/NR/rdonlyres/1302BA9C-BBB0-48C8-AFB1-A374C4DD9A75/128771/WR1928.pdf). I'm thinking about making one for each of my kids, so I'd have to adapt the Bernat pattern for my 2-month-old.
  4. Those are both beautiful. I'm sure the recipients will love them.
  5. Well, her kids have birthdays this week and next, so we just through everything into one gift for each kid and did it last weekend when they came to visit. They live about 1-1/2 away and she doesn't like to drive if there is any snow on the ground (lol) so we figured we better do it now.
  6. I was doing the same thing...lol. I had a lot of blue yarn from the stash I "inherited" (http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85471) so I was trying to use it up. I used about 1/3 - 1/2 of what I had I think.
  7. I just finished a Blue RR last night for a friend of mine. I had lots of different colors of blue yarn and needed to use some up. My friend got this as a Christmas gift today and really likes it. For a size reference, the bed is a queen-size.
  8. Holy cow! Is that the same one that looks almost black in the other pictures? I guess lighting really can make a difference! Beautiful work, btw.
  9. I'm just about done with my first RR and have a couple questions... Can RRs be made using any ripple pattern? How much adjusting would it take? Has anyone done it? Is there such a thing as an oval ripple? Thanks guys...these really are addicting!
  10. I just started a Christmas rr with glitter yarns...may I join in this CAL?
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