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    Nancy Fouch
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    grew up in a small town, married with one daughter and 2 grandsons
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    Mt. Vernon, Ohio
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    crocheting and reading
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    retired caseworker
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    afgans, dishcloths,doll clothes and hats
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    on and off since 1968
  1. My husband made me a platform to set the thread on and a steel rod that has a hook on the end it comes up about 1 1/2 foot. I set the cone on it and loop the yarn over the hook and that brings the yarn straight up from the cone.. it works great.
  2. I have a few partial skeins of sayelle and wintuk yarn, also some yarn from Kmart, I bought from Woolworths when I first started to crochet. I bought the earth tone colors. I feel so old when I think back to those times.
  3. Darski, your Dora clothes are great. I did not have any granddaughters just grandsons and it seems they are taking longer to have children. I have no one to make them for yet but maybe some day. I have admired your work since the first one I looked at. They are just beautiful.
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