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    Thank you! I must say, I got a liitle tired of making those feet.
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    Thank you! I think it took 2-3 weeks, and I didn't work on it every day. So it didn't take too long at all.
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    I used to have a crocheted caterpillar when I was little, so I decided to make one for my daughter too. There's no pattern, I'm afraid, but there isn't much more to it than meets the eye. There's 44 feet! Here it is: Thanks for looking!
  4. Yes, this is a little weird. I observed, that my baby has trouble getting her chew toys into her mouth. The only thing that never misses it is other peoples fingers. So I figured there was something about the way a hand is built, that makes it easier for her to handle. So here is her new chew toy. A hand! It's made from unbleached cotton. There's no pattern, I used my own hand as a model. I know it looks odd, and no way is my thumb that long, but it doesn't matter, because baby is already chewing on it with much greater ease than most of her other toys. Gotta love her. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thank you. There's eyelash in many of the colours, but not in the border.
  6. Thank you! She loves looking at colours, it's always a hit. Maybe I should drape it on the wall.
  7. I started this in an attempt to clear out some stash, in order to make more room at home for our now 4½ month old baby. But somehow the blanket grew way beyond what I'd planned, and as the project grew, I needed more colours. So now I have a giant blanket, as well as a whole new stash of rainbow-coloured yarns. Here it is. 220 X 180 cm! I couldn't fit it all in the frame anyway, so I figured I might as well put baby on top of it. Thanks for looking!
  8. Done! My grandmum's christmas present is ready. The pics are too bright because there's too little daylight at the moment, so they had to be digitally enhanced - but at least you can see the different colours. The pattern's from and old Danish mag.
  9. Thank you all for the nice comments. Yes, I really hope they'll both get something out of having a same-age cousin. They are the first babies due in my family for more than 30 years!
  10. Thank you. Actually, I was surprised I could make them all go together. They remind me a bit of stained glass windows.
  11. Same basic pattern as this one: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=108040 I improvised the kitty faces. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you! The pattern is a slightly altered one from a Danish magazine.
  13. My mum used to knit all the time, and she's never thrown away a leftover piece of yarn. In the 70's we had a multitude of homemade sweaters, some of them in fantastic multicoloured yarn. It's all old acrylic yarn, the kind that almost squeaks. I don't think I'd like this in a sweater today. But for little blankets to go on top of the baby-carriages, I think using these leftovers are a very fitting homage to the crafts from my own childhood. So here we go. Lots of colours, one for me, and one for my future niece or nephew: Thanks for looking!
  14. My first bibs! I've crocheted so many babies items lately, but yesterday I realised, that there wasn't a single bib among them! So here we go. One for the little girl I'm expecting, and one for my brother's future offspring.
  15. I decided to crochet the christmas-gift for my brother and his girlfriend, who are expecting a baby in February. So, among other things, I made them a toys basket like the one I've already made for the baby I'm expecting myself in January. Here it is: And here are some of the things in it: I'm also adding this bib: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1925088#post1925088 And one of these blankets: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1925090#post1925090 + a knit baby set for the baby of rock-loving parents. So even though my brother hinted that he didn't want baby-items for christmas, I think I can get away with it! Thanks for looking!
  16. Nah, the daddy isn't a social democrat. ;-) And it's a boy, anyway.
  17. I definitely will, I just hope the proportions are right, and that it will fit.
  18. I started these a long time ago, but for some reason I put them aside. Now I found them again and finished them. I have no idea what the pattern is, I had to look at number one to finish number two.
  19. This is a pattern from a Danish magazine. It's a duffelcoat for a baby. The buttons are glass beads.
  20. Cuddlefish

    Commie coat

    I have a friend, he's a real communist, and he's going to be a dad in a couple of weeks. So I made him this little commie coat with starbuttons.
  21. Remember this? http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=104793 It needed points at the ends of the star's arms and legs. So I improvised pointy socks and mittens. Here they are:
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