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  1. ChrisCrossCrafts

    My first poncho pattern

    I really need a better name than Turtleneck Poncho. Any ideas? It is made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and two different hooks.
  2. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Designer Fees

    I am interested in submitting this pattern to Maggie's Crochet, but it says to "Include your suggested design fee." How do I determine a fair amount? I do not want to go so high they will not even consider it, but I also do not want to go so low that I lose money from it. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I was thinking of submitting these photos. I got 62 back from my model and can really show it off. How many photos should I send. HELP!!
  3. I am seeking 3-5 testers for my Chic Elite hat. I would grade it as intermediate. It goes from a sc crown to a post stitch sides. I used Caron Simply soft but any 4 ply yarn will work.
  4. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Lighthouse Toliet Tissue Cover

    You know I find myself wondering how much time we spend in the bathroom, staring at that shower curtian. My shower curtain has lighthouses on it. I found myself inspired by one to make a toliet tissue cover. It took me over a month to even get started and another month to complete it. I undid it ALOT. The question is should I have REALLY written this pattern down? LOL Do you think I should put a rail around it? Maybe a dc, 3 chs, dc 3 chs, etc?
  5. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Chriscross' V-stitch hat tested

    It looks great!!
  6. ChrisCrossCrafts

    CLOSED: V-Stich w/Scallop hat

    Pattern Information Pattern Description: V-Stitch w/Scallop (Seeking better name suggests are very welcome.) Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): Written Pattern Photo (optional): Skill Level: Easy (well I think it, but I would like your opinion) Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Supplied by tester 4 ply yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft-I love this yarn) Hook J Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: done by 12/5/09 if possible Deadline: 12/5/09 Tester Experience: No experience required Tester Responsibilities: Answer these questions: Was the pattern easy to follow? How would you rate it for skill – easy, intermediate, hard? Please provide a photo if possible of the hat being worn. Any Special Software Requirements (Microsoft Word, pdf reader, etc.): Pattern is in pdf format, software can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com
  7. Size is roughly sm - med adult or for a boy 10-15 years old. Seeking tester more for the hat itself, if you do not want to create the mohawk that is fine. Created using H hook and Caron Eco Yarn, any 4 ply yarn will work.
  8. ChrisCrossCrafts

    My son's size 13 Rhino Slippers

    I am trying to figure out a way to make dolphins and penguins next. For different kids. LOL The base is simple hdc, in a square, I gathered one end, then stitched the edge, and back. The horn, nose and ears took a little more thought. Will write it up this weekend, trying to Gir done first.
  9. ChrisCrossCrafts

    My son's size 13 Rhino Slippers

    One Christmas gift done, several more to go... I realized the ankle opening looked to small, so I unpicked it about an inch.
  10. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Converting a picture into a crochet pattern

    That would be darling as a afghan. I agree with suggestion to create a graph and do it in hdc. I have a program that I can do it in if you need help, let me know.
  11. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Cupcake purse support?

    Does a cupcake purse need something inside to support the sides of the cake? Or is it ok to just leave it?
  12. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Summer's Dress Set

    IT'S DONE!! IT'S DONE!! TIME FOR THE HAPPY DANCE!! I FINALLY got the dress made for husband's niece. And the edges serged on the baby blanket. YEAH!! Goes in the mail tonight!
  13. ChrisCrossCrafts

    My HUGE 3SUB

    I love it and it looks really WARM. Getting colder here these days.
  14. ChrisCrossCrafts

    Slipper Help

    :thinkI am too brain fried to think up a pattern for my son's slippers. I love Bev's patterns and found this one for mens slippers BUT it says size 10-12 http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/menslippers.html If I add an addition 10 stitches, so making it Ch 76, think it would kick it up to a 13-14 shoe size? ~Chris
  15. ChrisCrossCrafts


    that is darling, reminds me of Flower from Bambi