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  1. yes i do know how to filet but i dont know how to convert a graph into filet
  2. this is the picture of what i want to make
  3. I have a graph of a firetruck that i want to turn into a filet crochet pattern for a baby outfit anyone know how to do that . any help will be appreciated thanks
  4. looking for a pattern for a crocheted pacifier want to use it for a napkin holder at a baby shower thx
  5. looking for a crocheted vase pattern not a vase cover but an actual vase about5 inches tall
  6. I made 1 last year for a friends granddaughter It was in pink & brown & I did it by looking at the pic She loved it
  7. i did my own rendition by looking at the pattern i did it in pink & brown turned out cute
  8. TD Creations has a pattern for a santa cookie jar. I got my pattern back in the 80's I think they still have it
  9. Good idea a note on the plastic sheet protectors I found them at the dollar store 20 in the pack for $1.00
  10. thanks for the intial idea. I'm walking in a make strides walk next month with my niece. My sister died in 1993 of breast cancer. I'm making ribbons for our group.
  11. Very good job I love that pattern I have made 3 of them. I love your color choices
  12. Rochester here I grew up in the city [swillberg] moved to charlotte in 1967. Been there since
  13. looking for a quick towel hanger pattern One that you just hang the towel on not the ones here you cut the towel & crochet on that need it o I can make a couple for a housewarming thiss weekend don't have time to look thru all the sites thanks in advance
  14. I think i know the 1 you mean but it was a stork not a duck I'm almost sure it wwas by leasure arts I have made 3 of these I will try to find my copy and let you know
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