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    I'm an 18-year-young girl and I'm perfectly addicted to making amigurumi.
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    Reading, Crochet, Drawing, Computers, Friends, Family, School, Knitting, Writing
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    Since 2007
  1. I thought of that. I haven't actually tried it yet though. My grandmother tried this pattern and it had seemed to work perfectly for her. Although I wont see her until Monday and that's why I posted this for help because I really wanted this project for the weekend. I'll try it and see what happens I guess.
  2. Okay so I'm working on this pattern: http://web.************/web/20040606101513/http://thesmartyarns.com/patterns/march03/babyripple.html My problem is on the first row. I can do the first part of it but then it has you repeat from * to end. Well I get to the end of the repeat where it says 3sc in the next ch and I only have that 1 ch. left. At the end after the * it says 2 sc in last ch. Well I don't have any more chains left to 2 sc in. Am I doing something wrong? I don't know why this link isn't working but here is the pattern: Ripple Stitch Strip (make 5 strips each of Col A and Col B) Row 1: Ch 22, work 2 sc into 2nd ch from hook, *sc into each of next 4 ch, skip 1 ch, sc into each of next 4 ch, 3 sc into next ch; repeat from * to end, ending last repeat with 2 sc in last ch; turn. Row 2: Ch 1, work 2 sc into first sc, *1 sc into each of next 4 sc, skip 2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 4 sc, 3 sc into next sc; repeat from * to end, ending last repeat with 2 sc in last sc; turn.
  3. That makes a lot of sense now! I'll have to try and see what happens. Thanks a lot for the help! Sorry to hear about your friend! I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Sure. Here it is http://www.etsy.com/listing/5927584/dalek-crochet-pattern
  5. I found a pattern online and I really just don't understand what it wants me to do. Here is what the row says: 10) Sl st to join, ch 1. sc in each st to st #18. Ch 5, turn, 4 sc sts in back loop only. Continue Sc in next 18 sts. (36 sts) It's in the round, and I get everything right up until it says continue Sc in next 18 sts. Can anyone explain this to me?
  6. This is so cute! I'll definitely have to try it, I need more hats
  7. Thanks for all the tips everyone. There is no room in my house where the dog is not allowed. I'll definitely put a warning when I make them that the items were made around a dog or something like that. Thanks again for the help!
  8. Thanks. I'll definitely have to try it and see what happens.
  9. Hm. I would think something like dry cleaning would get expensive...Though I got a suggestion from my Gram today to put them in a pillow case...
  10. I wasn't exactly sure of where this should go... I really want to start selling my amigurumi that I've been working on. My problem is that I have a dog and he sheds. I would like to wash my amigurumi before putting them on the market because I get dog hairs in some of the stitches. I don't want to just put the doll into the washing machine because I don't want the stitches to come undone and I don't want to just put it under the tap, afraid of ruining it because of the stuffing. Help!?
  11. Tweeb

    Baby appropriate?

    Thanks for the opinions everyone. That's really what I was concerned about were the holes in the blanket. But I'll just leave it up to the mother. I even have some pink maybe I'll make a little pink edge on it for the baby. She dosn't know what she's having yet. If it's boy I have some blue varigated that would be cute.
  12. Tweeb

    Baby appropriate?

    Thanks I think I'll try that ^.^
  13. Tweeb

    Baby appropriate?

    Hey Crochetville, I hope this is the right section for this but I had a question about a blanket that would be baby appropriate: A woman at my mom's work is pregnant with her fourth child. She already has three boys and EVERYONE, even me, is praying she has a girl this time. Now I'm on vacation this week and when I'm not out playing with my cousins, I'm crocheting. I started a purple granny square blanket, I was wondering, would this be appropriate for a baby girl? It's in a purple worsted weight yarn. I just wasn't sure if a granny square blanket was appropriate for a baby....opinions? Thanks Crochetville, Tweeb
  14. I've been up to Maine to, really great. I'm usually alone wherever I go on the web...our little state I think is to little...especially where I am.
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