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  1. I have finished 8 sets (4 each) of coasters! No pics yet, I have put them...somewhere....under something heavy to flatten out. I was going to wash and block them, but now I don't know... I also made one scarf. I want to make some more scarves for the Special Olympic Games. I haven't dyed any yarn, or finished any of those WIPs in my list. I think they may just fall off the list!
  2. I feel like I should be getting a lot done, since it is summer and I am a teacher and I am not working right now. Could it be that 2-year-old clinging to my ankles? I had to add a couple scarves to my holiday list that I forgot about. I will have to buy yarn for them. The coasters and mug cozies should all be able to come out of my stash. And the Afghan WIP I started last year as a stash-buster should help me use up some yarn. So if I could just get started----Must....Pick.....Up......Hook!
  3. Hallooooooooooooo.... Are we all on vacation? I was out of town for a few days...now I have my list for the 3rd quarter. The projects I really want to get done are the xmas gifts. Every year I don't know what to make until after Thanksgiving, and then I am staying up late in December trying to finish things up---this year I want to know how it feels to have most of the hard work done before Thanksgiving! I think it must be . I actually haven't crocheted in a few days. I finished my Bottom-Up Pineapple Shawl from the class here (it's huge--no pics yet) and I have been idly flipping through crochet books and magazines, but not working on anything yet. Soon, soon....
  4. Just wanted to post and say I am COMPLETELY avoiding making my 3rd Q list. But it does help to see that other people are not such procrastinators! Maybe in a couple days....
  5. I've never used the long-tail cast on. It's one of those things I keep telling myself I should learn! I always knit my stitches on. Make a slipknot and put it on your left needle. Knit it as usual, but instead of slipping the slipknot off, pull the stitch on your right needle up and slip it onto the left needle. Now you have two stitches. Knit into the one you just put there and slip it onto the left needle the same way, keep going until you have all the stitches you need. You can do this cast on using a size larger needles than you will use for the project. This will make it more flexible.
  6. Oh I think the characters would look good in the neutral colors. In the original books they are just line drawings anyway, so I think you could use any colors you like! I would love to see pictures when they are done.
  7. I made these blankets recently for a set of boy/girl twins. The light brown color keeps them related, but I used different patterns and (more traditional) colors to individualize them. (They are the same size, also.) If you are using the same colors on both blankets, you could do two different patterns. That might make it more interesting for you too!
  8. I finished a bag for my friend--it's an, um, anatomically correct purse. The pattern is available here: http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/imbolc07/snatchel.htm My pictures are here: http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u234/jenhen11/crochet%20stuff/013-1.jpg http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u234/jenhen11/crochet%20stuff/015.jpg http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u234/jenhen11/crochet%20stuff/017.jpg I still have a couple projects--a few projects--not done for this quarter, althought they weren't on my list either. So I may just carry them over until next quarter--next week already! I also want to start my xmas stuff--I am planning on giving mugs with homemade hot chocolate mix and fancy coffee/tea, so I thought I would make mug cozies and/or coasters.
  9. Okay this is the laceweight yarn I dyed a few weeks ago: It does look better wound up and I am making a lacy something-or-other with it--hopefully I will be done with it by the end of the month! Here's some more yarn: I used pink lemonade, strawberry, and black cherry kool-aid. it is a wool-silk blend from Knitpicks. I am using it for my bottom Up Pineapple Shawl!
  10. It's also available through itunes, so I listen to it on my ipod. I love listening to shows about crochet!
  11. Elaine--your blanket was beautiful, I'm glad they liked it. Kim--is the bottom-up Pineapple shawl easier? I wanted to do that one because I like the look of the pineapples pointing up instead of down! I love pineapples, I think I'll sign up this week.
  12. Suzy your round ripple looks great! I love the colors. I have finished some bookmarks and my baby blanket. Right now I am just playing around with some laceweight, trying out a stitch and some different hook sizes. I kinda want to make a lacy summery vest of some sort. But I also think I will sign up for the Pineapple Shawl class here at Crochetville. Is anyone else signing up for a class? Spider to Web Bookmark Turtle and Hatchling from Crochetroo Lizard/Gecko from Crochetroo Snake from Crochetroo Crochetroo's patterns are fun to do--I think the turtle is my favorite! Happy Baby Blanket--I didn't use the pattern's color changes, just the stitch Some more yarn I dyed This is 800+ yards of laceweight Bare I got from Knitpicks. Kool-Aid dyed--I'm not crazy about the result--it looks muddied. I was going to overdye it but decided just to roll it up and now I'm playing around with it a little. It looks better wound up--no picture yet!
  13. Susan--I love the cardigan! I hear you on the short arms--sleeves are always too long for me too! Elaine--the ripple blanket looks great. CHAOS Thanks Ada, I hadn't seen that before! Now that there's a name for it, will my health insurance cover Merry Maids? I have updated my signature with completed and ongoing projects. I am working on three things now--bookmarks, baby blanket (2), and a freeform doodle. I will be sending my friend 3-4 bookmarks along with a gift card to B&N. Maybe I'll get some pictures taken this week!
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