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  1. Howdy from Houston. :cowgirl
  2. Hello 'n welcome to Crochetville.
  3. What in heckfire does FO stand for?
  4. Another howdy from Houston! :cowgirl
  5. And now that pattern is up to $31! I really wanted the pattern myself, but that's a bit out of my price range.
  6. #6 makes me want to scream! I keep making the chains looser and looser, but it still ends up 3/4 the length of the rest of my other squares! I'm taking a 15 minute break before going at it again.
  7. http://kvinnacrochet.blogspot.com/
  8. I have seen wire crochet jewelry and I am definitely interested in trying it out. I almost bought supplies the other day, but I was unsure about what kind of wire I should use. The wire I saw at Michael's went by a weight measurement - does this have to do with the thickness of the wire? Does it really matter if I go for the 26 instead of the 15? My friend wants me to make her a bracelet so I am going to add the beads and make a chain long enough to fit around her wrist. As for the clasps... Do I need wire cutters and all that? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  9. I crochet in my doctor's office sometimes and I have been seen crocheting in line for a movie, as well in the theater while waiting for it to start. I have also crocheted at work. When I crochet in public, people always come up to me and ask me what I am making and then proceed to tell me about what they are doing, or that they used to crochet with their aunt or grandmother. They get this far-off look and smile as they remember the good times they had. It's pretty neat.
  10. All three of them are gorgeous.
  11. Wow! You did an AMAZING job! I know my niece would love something like that. Of course, I will be good enough to make something like that by the time she is 21.
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