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  1. algteacher

    Crocheted Cube - What to Put Inside?

    I'd like to make a set of large "baby blocks" or cubes that display letters and/or numbers. I'd like to crochet each side of the cube a different color...and the letters/numbers in contrasting colors. Should I try to find fiberfill cubes, maybe 9 x 9 or 12 x 12 and then crochet separate squares for each side? Then I would probably sew them onto or around the cube...but what makes the sides stay in place? I can see exactly what a I want in my head, but can't get it "translated" into words for a pattern. Can anyone help me organize this project? Are there templates for these letters/numbers in the size of want? Does anyone know of a pattern for this kind of project? Thanks. Diane
  2. algteacher

    What exactly is the web site Ravelry?

    Ravelry is worth the 3 day wait...it's just plain fun. Their search engine is wonderful and the project and yarn organizers are great. The groups are a blast and quite frankly, I find it a little easier to maneuver around than Crochetville...no offense to anyone. I do both, but have more fun at Ravelry because I don't wind up reading posts from 3 years ago or (with all due respect) have to slog through all the quotes and smiley faces. Just my personal preference...don't mean to insult anyone. I truly enjoy both sites though.
  3. algteacher

    squares from 200 crochet blocks

    Great work. Thanks for sharing. I'm working on a sampler afghan with 63 squares. I'm changing the colors around so I don't feel like I'm in a rut.
  4. algteacher

    2nd Attempt at a past creation!!

    Exquisite...the "second go" is very calming.
  5. algteacher

    Huge Rose Camo 8 point Round Ripple!

  6. My current project is to learn the 63 "easy" to crochet pattern stitches from the Leisure Arts booklet...they're 7-in squares that can be put together to make a throw, lapghan, etc. I've only been crocheting for 6 weeks and I've been teaching myself from various sites on the internet. Whew, it's quite a project.
  7. algteacher

    Hi, I'm new from Orland Park, IL

    Hi and welcome. I'm located in a suburb north of Chicago and I've been crocheting for only 6 weeks. This is a great site. Enjoy.
  8. algteacher

    Some crochet Direction help.

    Instructive slide show...is there any way to slow it down for us crochet "newbies?" Thanks for posting it.
  9. algteacher

    My "Chapeaus" Afghan

    What a unique way to say thank you to a person who helps your mother. You do beautiful work.
  10. algteacher

    Puppy Pattern To Be Published

    Congrats! They're adorable. You must feel so proud to have your work published in a magazine. We're all proud of you too. It's good that your talent is being recognized. Enjoy the glow.
  11. algteacher

    Granny Squares Bedspread

    I'm new to this and was just browsing the archives. This is such a bold colored afghan. It makes me smile. Great work. You've motivated me.
  12. algteacher

    latest afghan finished!

    Happy colors and will really spice up the usually dreary college living conditions...very impressed that you're working on x-mas afghans in July.
  13. algteacher

    Simple Times Afghan

    Exquisite stitching...I'm new to all this and your beautiful work encourages me. Thanks.
  14. algteacher

    Cat square

    Thanks, got it. It's a little overwhelming to maneuver around this site, so thanks for your help. Diane
  15. algteacher

    Simple Times Afghan

    Beautiful afghan...like the simple border.