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    I am married with children.
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    Here and There
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    Crochet,Quilting,Reading and Gardening
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    SAHM and starting to homeschool my Kindergardener.
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    Squares for now
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    Learning..But willing to TRY IT ALL.
  1. Really pretty..Does bring back MEMORIES!!!..Debra
  2. I LOVE this idea..I agree to write them separately..It's a WONDERFUL thing you are doing..I'm anxiously awaiting this pattern..Debra
  4. :hug Sorry about your loss.. :hug I'd of killed it too..Maybe he thought it was a ready made web..Who knows?? Take care...Debra
  5. WOO HOO..That's great..I have a couple that like to crochet too..It's nice to have someone to crochet with..YAY!!!!..
  6. Very BEAUTIFUL!!!!..And love the name too..Debra
  7. I wouldn't do it..I have kids and I NEVER have thought of that..I've heard of sucking on silk lining on a blanket..But NOT TASSELS!!!..I'd just be honest with her..Good Luck..Debra
  8. Bummer, I can't get the graph to download for me..It sure is beautiful tho..Debra
  9. Oh my goodness..that is ADORABLE..Thank You..Debra PS. Made my 15 year old SMILE!!!!!..
  10. Almost done with my first doll..Just have to make arms and sew her together,add hair and facial features..lol..So ALOT of work yet..lol...My daughter's want to help me..I told them they can't, it would be cheating..lol..But I will let them do their own and send them.. So if I get over 60 you'll know why..lol..Debra
  11. CONGRATULATIONS..That is QUITE the achievement.. :cheer Debra
  12. CONGRATULATIONS on being published..Debra
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