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  1. Making another Cross afghan and going to start Scripture again. Need to put together my square by square afghan and finish a couple other ones too. To may projects not enough motivation. lol
  2. Ok done. (picture posted in show in tell afghans.) I have a question I am going to try one more time with a N hook and two strands of yarn can I still use the spiderman patter for that?
  3. I think our cold snap is over so won't be working on this for a few day. I am sure we well have more cold weather so I can finish the last two rounds.
  4. Thank you. Now that I given myself permission to stop in a couple more rounds it is going much faster. lol
  5. Ill keep that in mind if I ever make another one.
  6. It well be ages before I ever do one of these again. I hate working on it and it is taking way to long. Don't know if it is the pattern or the fact I am using a G hook but yuck. lol I wanted it to be an afghan for my dad but it is taking so long it well have to be a large lapghan. So far 44 inches but going to do three or four more rows and call it done. Sorry cant get the attachment to work right. I hate making you have to click something cause I hate having to do it.
  7. Very nice Debbie. Mine is boring me to tears. So might just put it up till next fall and work on it again then.
  8. I am still working on my second one. As soon as I get to my next color change Ill update with a picture. It is about 45 inches now got a long way to go on this one still. Shooting for 60 inches or when Im out of yarn. lol
  9. I think I am going to make this but it well be fall before I can even start. Can't wait to see some of your finished ones.
  10. Sherilynn, That looks wonderful. You did a great job.
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