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    I'm Nana to Lucy Marie who just turned 5 in September.
    As of September 2011 I'm in a wheelchair due to a fall and resulting back injury.
    Moved to MO from MI in 2002, in the process lost almost all my patterns and quilting fabric. I'm getting back into crocheting and also knitting.
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    Hollister, MO
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    Crochet, quilting, knitting, genealogy, my cats, photography
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    Lucy's Nana
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    afghans and baby items
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    since 1974 or 75
  1. Adorable!! I love kitties!
  2. Thanks TampaDoll! Yep, that be it! Although the little doohickey at the end of the cord is different on mine, it's basically the same thing. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it. I've got tons of regular tunisian and afghan hooks as well as a couple double ended hooks and haven't yet learned to use them. Thank you, too, Shining_Star for your help!
  3. I recently purchased a large lot of knitting needles on ebay. Mixed in with the knitting needles were a few crochet hooks. There is one I don't know what it's for. It appears to be a normal aluminum hook, except that extending from the end of the handle is a length of nylon, much like what is used in circular knitting needles, and at the end of the cord is a cicular tab. I thought it might be for knooking, but the knook tools I've seen are wood and the hook part is sort of flat. Does anyone have any idea what this hook would be used for? Thank You!
  4. I've had very good luck ordering from http://www.knitting-warehouse.com. They have a huge selection, the prices are good, and they have a $5.99 flat rate shipping fee. And delivery is fast! I just ordered from them last month. I placed my order on Tuesday and it was delivered on Friday. An order I placed in January on a Sunday was delivered on Wednesday. I've had good experiences with Mary Maxim too, but they aren't quite as fast as Knitting-Warehouse.com because their stuff is mailed rather than delivered by UPS.
  5. I hold mine overhand, but can't get it to work right with steel hooks and thread. I'd have to hold it pencil style for that, but I just can't get the hang of holding it pencil style, so I don't do thread. My mother was a "threadie" and always held hers pencil style. Maybe that's why she couldn't teach me to crochet. I ended up learning from a book, with a little help from my DMIL.
  6. from Hollister (next door to Branson), MO
  7. Thanks everyone, so far. I'd like to learn to knit in the round. It's been at least 20 years since I attempted to knit on DPNs, so that reference is lost on me, unfortunately. I don't know why this is so hard for me to grasp. At one time I was proficient enough to attempt an Aran sweater. (never finished it because it got lost in a house fire) But now some things that should be simple just seem to go right over my head. I wish I had someone close by to actually show me. This is one of the times I really miss my late DMIL, bless her heart.
  8. I was recently gifted with the SnB Knitting Handbook and was reading the section on circulars. Now, I've been knitting off and on for 34 years, but have never used circulars. Casting on isn't the question, really, but knitting the first row. On straights, the last stitch you cast on ends up near the tip of your needle. Well, in this book Debbie Stoller says after you cast on with circulars, "Then bring the ends of your circular needles together in front of you, with the first cast-on stitch at the end of the left-hand needle, and the last on the right hand needle." The way I read it, it sounds like I need to switch hands/flip the circulars over before starting to stitch. Am I right? Or is she not explaining it clearly? I'm really confused and want desperately to master working on circulars. Thanks for any help.
  9. Same situation here. Maybe one day I'll try some bamboo, or maybe soy yarn, but it will have to be for a small project.
  10. I have mostly Boye, my preference for hooks. I also have 1 or 2 Susan Bates, an old Hero, and a Primus. I believe the Primus was bought in Canada. I also have a few with no brand marked on them.
  11. Not only has the price of RH gone up, but if you look at the Super Saver label, you'll see it's gone from 8 oz. to 7 oz. Don'cha love it? Raise the price, cut the amount of yarn in a skein.
  12. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments, everyone. I love the bright colors too. I almost never make anything in pastel for a baby. To me, the pastels are just boring, and I think babies enjoy the brighter colors too.
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