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  1. I don't think I have seen that episode yet, I will keep my eye out for it, thanks.
  2. My eight year old daughter loves Laura and we live in the mountains, so if you do need someone to post it too, we would appreciate it. I had a look at the shop at the green wool etc. but nothing in Laura's color. The grey part seems to be in a pointy oval, not very descriptive I know. Not sure how to do that shape.
  3. Hi. Just remember that dc on American patterns actually means treble!
  4. Hi, I live in North East Victoria, but close to Wagga as well, or Tumut.
  5. Hi everyone, thank you for the warm welcomes. I tried replying about 12 hours ago before I went to sleep but hit the wrong reply button I think. I am about 5 hours from Melbourne. The Phillipines are close, how long were you in Australia. I think one of my close neighbours is from the Phillipines. Such a lovely mix of people. I love all the places you come from, nice to meet you. My Grandma was born in Scotland, I look alot like her.
  6. Hi everyone. I found this site in a search about Laura Ingalls bonnet/ear muffs. I saw it while watching the Christmas episode where she sells her horse. The crochet there was beautiful. The last post was about this very earmuff in the crochet along. I learnt to crochet before I learnt to knit. I love crochet. I recently got back into it for a bookmark swap on another forum. I used another forum again for help with the American pattern. I was really happy with the bookmark. Nice to meet you all.
  7. The ironies continue. I love this thread. I love LHOTP. I watched the episode you mention and loved the winter bonnet of Laura's. I started a thread on it, and another member posted the photo of it, although it is not a very clear shot. Anyway, it is on Prairiehomemaker.com. http://prairiehomemaker.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=39718#39718 Unsure, which site the photo comes from, but I included a link to this site. Hope we can make one with you.
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