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    I like pooh bear, I have 2 dogs, a hamster, and a fish.
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    Lancaster, CA, the hottest place on earth
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    Crochet, knit (duh) reading, and NOT athletics
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    ...lol student I guess
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    Amuigurumis, small, simple things
  1. im_a_nutcase372

    Worst (crochet) mistake?

    I was going to make my yorkie puppy a purse, but it turned out i didnt have enough yarn, and couldnt remember where i got it. Insted of pulling it out, i finsihed it off, and sewed a button on (it was still a rectangle) so you could fasten it around her body between her legs. XD
  2. im_a_nutcase372

    To roll or not to roll.

    i always roll mine, because i have found that if i do, then there wont be a knot, but if i dont, there will be (but thats just my luck) so i roll it just to be safe
  3. im_a_nutcase372

    Am I the only one that hates Homespun yarn?

    Yup. It's not much fun to work with for me either.
  4. im_a_nutcase372

    Amigurumi Swap -- Finished Swapping

    You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad the package got there safely.
  5. im_a_nutcase372

    Amigurumi Swap -- Finished Swapping

    I received my package yesterday, and got a very pretty mermaid and a chocolate bar . Thank you so much Shelly I love it! I will post pictures if I get a chance, I just can't right now. I also sent mine out so be on the lookout
  6. im_a_nutcase372

    Do you Remember...

    mine was an amigurumi bunny that i gave to my friend for her birthday
  7. huge pillow made up of triangles.
  8. im_a_nutcase372

    My doily for the crochet games!!

    I actually found this pattern on crochetpatterncentral.com, it's called butterfly doily, in case you were wondering. I am really proud of this, and I gotta say thanks to my mom because I was about to quit, and she helped me through it. Anyways, here it is.
  9. im_a_nutcase372

    Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths

    Very cute!
  10. im_a_nutcase372

    Little dolls pattern

    Omg very cute!
  11. im_a_nutcase372

    Awareness Ribbon Square 8" or 12"

    Neat pattern! Very creative!
  12. im_a_nutcase372

    Yin yang Diamond Bookmark (2 images)

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  13. im_a_nutcase372

    Horsey Bookmark

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing!:cheer:clap
  14. im_a_nutcase372

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Welcome from CA!