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  1. how cute!!! I love those little patches!
  2. it's 3.00 mm actually, I always get confused with all the hook conversions. And to make it worse I've got hooks from Spain and from Argentina (that are completely different!!)
  3. Thank you I'm from Spain, I think all continental europeans use numbers. And 3 is my fave too, the other ones are too tiny or just simply huge.
  4. I'm no good at introducing mysef, but I thought I should do it anyway. First, a huge HI! to everyone!! I'm 19, crocheting since I was 7 (the powers of living close to your grandma). I live in Spain, so I guess I'm pretty far from all of you. I don't know, I'm studing to be an English as a 2nd language teacher (and I'm lovin' it!), I'm single (I'm only 19 ). And apart from crocheting, I'm also a doller (digital cartoon dolls), and not a lot more lol. My brain's drowned with ideas of what to write now, so I'll just get posting.
  5. you know you love them!!! I went bargain hunting a couple days ago and found this beautiful yarn, I had to buy it. But there was one one skein left, so I made myself a lacy poncho. The yarn is Ondé (color 22), it's from Chile, so i don't think anyone could buy it (I don't even know how it got here). And the hook is a nº 3 (european I think). Another pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/albarinos/Crochetin%20along/multiponcho02.jpg Stitch close up: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/albarinos/Crochetin%20along/multiponcho03.jpg The back: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/albarinos/Crochetin%20along/multiponcho05.jpg The pics are horrible, sorry! I'll post the pattern when my head doesn't hurt so much from all the noise of the workers' drills on the street.
  6. how cute is that??? And it looks way better than the original pattern
  7. One trick that was good for me when I first started crocheting was to start with a thick yarn and then slowly moving on to thinner ones. Maybe you could try this with doilies, start with a smaller one (that could use a thick yarn), and then try bigger ones or ones with thinner yarns.
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