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  1. Heres my little turtle, I added a keychain. FAB pattern!!!
  2. Already posted this in Show n Tell but thought I'd put it here too. I tried the Rev Hdc and just couldnt get in the swing of it. But I struggle with Rev anything, I find it awkward So here it is, done at last. clickable
  3. Wow, CrochetDad and Marycathie your RR's are lovely! I've never made anything using more than one strand at a time. I must give it a go. Have to buy a chunky hook first tho. I think my biggest is 5.5mm. Im determined to get this RR finished over the weekend if it kills me! I may even just do a round of Rev sc and be done with it! Either way, there will be a piccie here soon.
  4. Help me ladies..Im struggling with my RR. Its probably about 5 feet wide now, I've still got a fair bit of yarn to use up but the rounds are taking sooooo long to do now I've lost interest in it. Distracted myself with making scarves for DD teachers and myself. 7 scarves later I really should get back on it and finish the job. Anyone feel like this towards the end of a BIG RR? I need a kick up the backside
  5. That is a stunning RR, I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours did. I'm nowhere near finished as I decided to use up ALL my blues and greens and I have lots. Its gonna be HUGE!!! But I have a king size bed so it will get plenty of use.
  6. I'm really enjoying making this, the first of many RR I do Im sure. Heres where Im up to.....look closely and you can see my toe ewwwww!
  7. Wow..You dont have time to be on crochetville then. Get crocheting!
  8. Hi all I have just started my first RR about an hour ago. Just giving my hands a break now. I'm using Aggie Mays pattern and its coming along nicely. Going for various shades of blue and green with a dark grey accent. Not through choice, just what I have laying around right now. Isnt it amazing the variations that can be achieved just by using different colours? I've looked at so many finished RR's on here, most of which have used the same pattern and they all look so different. I've not had chance to read the complete thread, so how many of us are actually in the middle of one right n
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