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    Mum to Erin 11 and Aidan 5
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    Bedfordshire, England
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    Crochet (Of Course!) Reading, Fishing
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  1. Thank you Having started on a page of New Posts I'm already recognising names lol Although I didnt post a great deal when I was here, I tended to lurk, its nice to see some familiar avatars
  2. Just wanted to say Hi, I've hardly crocheted in the last 2 years but used to spend a lot of time on this forum and I'm picking up the hook again now. Good to be back, its 1am, so will be having a good read and nosy at all the pics tomorrow
  3. I couldnt find a speechless smilie...so
  4. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=99939 Think these are what you're after. I made a few and they turned out great. Hope the link works
  5. Finished a few days ago but only just got round to posting the pics. One is slightly larger than the other, but only 1cm or so. Very pleased with them and my daughter thinks they're great. Already started on pair number two.
  6. Well I'm extremely proud of myself. I have knitted a sock! I've started the second one, and I'm thoroughly addicted. You know when you're reading a book and you cant bear to put it down to get on with something. Well, thats how I feel about knitting socks Everyone I know is getting socks for Christmas this year! I shall update with a pic when I've finished the pair. I do hope they end up the same size. I've only knitted a hat on circular needles, never used DPN's before.
  7. Thats amazing. Would love to see a close up pic please
  8. Although I'm in the UK I purposely avoid UK patterns now. It just confuses me. I'm quite local to you, in Bedfordshire
  9. Awwww I want one. Love the little hat
  10. Just bought this. Starting it today
  11. That looks good. The lady knitting the crocheted blanket with all those different colours at once was pretty funny too
  12. All that frogging....are you mad? Well worth it though, the frequent colour changes are really effective
  13. Wow after only a month I'd never have been confident enough to substitute a stitch pattern. Very impressive. You'll be writing your own patterns before too long
  14. Thats a pretty RR, and you're so kind to donate it
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