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  1. I did this one: http://www.interweavecrochet.com/2005/materials.asp#easygoing but the pattern isn't posted online (sorry) I was pretty easy, and we did a CAL on here ohhh a year or more agoish? http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13353 I've always wanted to try that Bernat hooded sweatshirt pattern (but haven't yet) Not sure if I helped any, but I guess the more suggestions the merrier
  2. Hi! Another Normannite here, but I already know Grammie Essa IRL - as she's my Crochet idol! Good too see other Okies here! April in OK
  3. Checking back! Yeah... glad to see a few others done..or (almost) Ohhh I like the open front!!!! About the hood, it was weird for me to figure out (my hubbie figured it out for me...and he isn't even yarn savvy), anyway I remember when I was putting it together that I wish the book had shown the assembly, but it wasn't toooo bad.
  4. I can't wait to see when you guys get yours done (even if it is after the holidays). I certainly know how busy it can get. Crochet on!!!
  5. Thanks all As for the yarn yardage, I have no clue, I would guess I used around 8-9 skeins of the Bernat Denimstyle (my estimate is about $30 cost). Thank's Tiffany for fixing my post (sorry about the size of the pics)... it was tooo late for me to fiddle with them anymore.... Well off to make another xmas present or two. I think after the holiday's I'll attempt this again and try to do it open.
  6. Ok here's how it ended up looking on me...(hehe ..the back pattern is upside down from my "mess up and improvision", but really can't tell unless your looking for the mistake.) If I had to do it over again - I'd make it an open jacket... Edit: whoops - sorry I used Bernat Denimstyle yarn (at first I didn't like the yarn, but now that it's all together and washed I like the feel). http://www.bernat.com/product.php?LGC=denimstyle http://img274.imageshack.us/img274/7249/frontcomplete1ln.jpg http://img274.imageshack.us/img274/2225/backcomplete0oi.jpg
  7. Thanks everyone, I'm so excited I was a bit scared about the size at first, but it ended up being about true for me....once I get it all together, I'll take a picture with it on. I made the biggest size. I did go longer on the sleeves (as it would be terrible if they were slightly too short) but they ended up being too long (about the amount I did extra) but that's fine with me... They are quite wide at the wrists, almost thinking of improvising and doing some kind of "drawstring" on the wrists in case I want to close them and be a bit warmer. I don't know though, first I just want to get the dang thing assembled. Going to try to get some of it done now...
  8. Alrighty...it's pinned!!!! I tried it on and it fits, a little baggy, in places but pretty dang good for my first real piece of clothing. I hope to get it fully sewn together in the next couple of days. Here are some rough pics of it pinned together.....
  9. Ok I put mine down for a bit, but after completing an afgahn for my mother in law (I just love Q hook crocheting) and beginning a simple poncho for my daughter, I felt guilty for not finishing this project for myself - sooo I picked it back up and organized the pieces (labled them) and began working on joining the front left/right and hood panels, and I've found it's not as hard as I was making it out to be in my head. I've gotten to row 4 on the insert band pattern on joining them, but it's time for bed. I am going to work on it more tomorrow!!! Once that's completed, I think I might pin mine together to check the fit, before joining and might do as others have suggested and improvise if need be and add an extender panel or two . We'll see. YAY, I might get this thing completed!!!
  10. Ya, I've been bad...kinda avoiding it (putting it off till I have some quiet time to figure it out - nice excuse) Nice back piece Tiffany. I like that green. Can't wait to see everyones!
  11. Oooohhh nice progress... I didn't get a chance to make anymore progress on mine, but I'll take some pics of what I have so far and post em up soon.
  12. WOW- I didn't even go as far as pricing it, I knew it was going to be WaaaaaY to much for me - especially for a first time "assembly project". I've gotten quite a few pieces done and am working on my second (and last ) sleeve. I hope to (cross my fingers) get it done and constructed this weekend...we'll see. I really need to study how I'm going to do that. I can't wait. The yarn I'm using( Bernat denum style) has ended up feeling better since I first began, so hopefully it will feel comfy. Jpr54_ : all I did was find something that was near the same weight yarn and is used in making the same type clothing pieces.... I think it's going to work out fine for me. Not sure if that helps or not, but maybe. crochet on!
  13. Wow that is a lot of colors goin on there.... Well I wimped out (as you saw in my earlier pic) and used a whiteish color. It will certainly be interesting to see - I'm thinking the random width stripes might be pleasing to the eye. I've done a few more pieces (fronts and working on the sleeves now) I certainly needed the "head start" as I seem to not have much time to crochet and am kinda slow anyway. I think I'm about to be confused on the construction of the pieces, but I'll deal with that in a bit. (as this is my first real clothing item to wear) Crochet on!!! Can't wait to see everyone's progress
  14. ya I followed the correction, and I will admit I didn't carefully count the stiches, but some how I did indeed end up with way more. I'm working on the front pannels now... Not sweating the back, I think I can fudge it and learn from my mistakes for my next one (going to try to make a small for my daughter....next) if I'm motivated. I just bought a ton of homespun on sale and am going to make some afgahns for Christmas presents. Thanks
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