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    I was in the army for four years. I'm wife to a soldier and mom to a beautiful little girl.
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    Crafts of all sorts, art, gardening, reading
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    Stay at home mom
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    Modern. Shawls, tops, Afghans
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    Off and on since I was little. Only just picked it back up.
  1. You could probaly just make it a little bigger and lace it up tight, giving it the appearance of a tube top with the ability to put it on easier.
  2. Thank you very much, that is the patterns I was thinking of!
  3. Feywalker

    Plus sized

    I'm sure someone has asked for this at some point, but not in the last several pages. I have been seeing some absolutely beautiful plus sized patterns here at the Ville. In fact, I've been very jelous as I am a very mini me sized person (5'2" and small). It dawned on me the other day as I'm working on the frou frou from SnB for a friend that she's plus sized and I'm teaching her to crochet. So, can anyone out there point me in the right direction for those patterns? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  4. Thank you all so much for the ideas. I would do the collage, but as I don't have any pics (multiple moves, plus current move being temorary, plus being in Ak for the 4 years before that) And a doily is out as I'm very very awkward with thread so it takes forever for me to do anything with it. I decided to do a purse for her in cotton royal (thick enough for a H hook) in a linen color (it's like white and tan twisted together). I used HDC so that the holes would be a little bigger and I'm lining it in turquoise to show through the holes. Got this great striped horn button for a closure. Origionally I was going to cross stitch Kokopelli's on the bottom but they wouldn't fit like I wanted. I'm hoping she'll like it. I'm almost done and it looks pretty good and rather southwestern. Thank you all again for the ideas.
  5. My Hubby is a major hunter (can't say I get the attraction) and I have promised that one of these days I'm going to make him an crochet pic afghan done with a cross stitch pattern of a deer head. Can't find a pattern? Dark lilac will put any pic onto a grid. I took one and reduced the number of colors to 10. My Hubby's not big on browning (it's a brand) but if your BIL is they have a really neat one color design that would look awesome on an afghan.
  6. Hello all out there. I have a problem. First - the background. Every month, on my dad's side, we have a family celebration for all of the birthdays, anniversarys in the month. Of course, they have a horrid habit of not making it known when until there's less than a week before it to rush out and deal with presents. The rush is because I never know what's in that month until they tell us the day and then my Grandma reminds dad of which things we're celebrating. So, today is Monday. We're celebrating on friday. There's only 2 birthdays this month, which is not too bad, and I figure I'll make a nice sketch book for my cousin's boyfriend. But the other one is a problem. It's my grandma's birthday. My grandparents have anything they want, Grandaddy (Grandma's dad) left his oil well and such to Grandma (his only child). I'm sure you get the idea. Which always makes buying her a present tedious and since I have little notice, I can't make anything too large as my time is limited by taking care of my DD. Grandma like southwestern style things and hummingbirds. I'm trying to come up with something I can make her in my limited time, but worry because my grandparents travel all over the US and buy things made by amazing craftsmen. My Grandmother is really wonderful and I wanted to make her something special. A shawl isn't really her thing. Thought about making her a bath/body type basket but it doesn't really fit. So here's where the plea comes in (after my long winded expanation) Can someone out there please help me come up with an idea?
  7. check out my blog. That's my daughter with some of her yarn. She used to fuss if we went into hobby lobby and walked by the yarn isle without getting a skien, didn't matter what type. She also stole my Q hook to play with.
  8. oooooo. I can't wait. I'd love to make a pair, they are so very beautiful.
  9. there was a pattern for crochet knickers on Stargazer's site. I can't get the women's link to work to find it though. I'll try to find you a link when the links there are up again.
  10. My Jack Max is like that. He doesn't like to be left alone. If I put him out he whines at the back door until I let him back in. It took forever just to get him to go out by himself to potty. He used to sit inside refusing to go out until he litterally leaked on the floor. Wouldn't give him up for anything. He's such a loyal dog, but they aren't kidding about the energy. Great Frizbee dogs. Max can clear about 2 ft to catch the thing. Careful, they love to chew things up. Worse than any other dog I've had when it comes to that. Congratsulations on your new pet, I hope noone claims her. Oh, Max (all 26 lbs of him) thinks he's a lap dog too.
  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are so very wonderful to take the time to make such a wonderful place for us hookers on the net to find the things we love. So Thank you so very much for your kind dedication! WE LOVE YOU!
  12. Crochet today. Not only are their wearable classier (to me) but I thought I wasn't really interested in the non wearable until I started to pick up this mag. There've been a few times I've looked there when I need a gift. I agree, Crochet! is too trendy/hip (and I'm 23) for my tastes. There have only been one or two patterns in the last several issues that I've liked, and not enough to buy the mag.
  13. I love it! You did a marvolous job!
  14. I'm in. I'll have to look for that yarn shop. Thank you.
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