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  1. Oh, never mind! I just seen the price. Ha ha, sorry, I didnt notice it at first. I'll ask hubby and then get back with you.
  2. how much are you wanting for get hooked & way to crochet and for u.s.a media mail shipping?
  3. I agree with you about spending almost $5 for a pattern ripped out of a magazine. I know lion brand & Crochetpattern central have alot of free patterns and theyre bound to have a bikini pattern thats similar. Or you can just google 'free crochet bikini' and get many results that way too.
  4. You could find a amigurumi dog pattern and make it in white and then just crochet black circles and add them as spots.
  5. Im looking for some Japanese crochet & amigurumi books. And possibly other Japanese craft books. Ive seen places online. But, would prefer to swap for them instead. Ive got alot of things I could swap for so, send me a pm if your willing to trade yours!
  6. Just a thought, but you might want to go to yardsales and look for one. I went to a yard sale awhile back and a lady inherited her grandmothers craft supplies. But, she told me she didnt craft and was selling it all. I got a big mat for 5 cents! And tons more sewing notions for just as cheap.
  7. moppet

    Tare Panda

    Oh my gosh! Thank you sooooooo much!!!! Seriously, I really appreciate your help! Thats the Tare Panda one I was talking about. Oh, and a link to book that its in. Wonderful.
  8. moppet

    Tare Panda

    Im trying to find a specific Japanese Amigurumi book. I have no clue of the title or anything. But, in the book has a pattern to make Tare Panda. And it wasnt just a normal panda, it was actually the sanrio Tare Panda. I know the book exsists because I seen a photo online awhile back that showed a picture of tare panda and a part of the pattern. I can not remember where I seen it, possibley on someones craft blog when I was looking for amigurumi patterns & ideas. Ive tried ebay & amazon japan but had no luck. If someone has this boook and would swap me something for it I would most greatful.
  9. PMd you about all the ribbon!
  10. Im wondering is 100% acrylic would work? Or would salt water eat it away?
  11. Ive never had this problem. I guessing its a packaging error and they put the wrond size washers in there. I mean, washers always take a little force to get on, but should never be that hard.
  12. ha ha. That was my first thought (not trying to be rude or anything.) its just that crochet hooks are of course needed to crochet with.
  13. Our car is messed up (again) so were trying to sell a bunch of stuff. Heres what I have: -stray sock creatures 12.00 -stitch n' bitch the happy hooker 12.00 -creepy cute crochet 12.00 -Plush-o-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults 12.00 -Crochet Care bears 10.00 -crochet sock monkeys 10.00 -12 random crochet magazines (random meaning they are already boxed up and ready to mail they have various clothes, doileies toys and afghans & ect. patterns in them though10.00 All are in good condition. All prices include shipping to lower 48 united states. Payment by paypal only please.
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