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  1. You could find a amigurumi dog pattern and make it in white and then just crochet black circles and add them as spots.
  2. Im wondering is 100% acrylic would work? Or would salt water eat it away?
  3. Ive never had this problem. I guessing its a packaging error and they put the wrond size washers in there. I mean, washers always take a little force to get on, but should never be that hard.
  4. Ive seen ernie on ebay before. But, never anywhere else. Your best best would be to check ebay every so often to see if someone lists one.
  5. Id go with making an afghan then doing a picture in the glow n dark yarn. So, maybe a black afghan with a skull in the glow n dark yarn. That way every night when you go to bed you can enjoy the glowndark effect.
  6. moppet

    poodle pattern

    heres a poodle too, not quite amigurumi, but with yarn and cute! http://crochetliving.blogspot.com/2007/11/my-mother-started-out-as-dog-trainer-in.html
  7. moppet

    poodle pattern

    its not an amigurumi, but they some pretty cute slippers that look like poodles. http://www.squidoo.com/crochetslippers
  8. 'not your mamas crochet' book has a skull motif in it. they have it put on a sweater, but you could use it for anything. Id check your local library and see if they have a copy of the book your could check out.
  9. moppet


    heres a bunch of free ones: http://tejemanejes.com/Dinopirata-Roko-Star.html http://members.optusnet.com.au/we2/tric.html http://www.xtreme-knitting.com/Dinosaurspattern.pdf
  10. Oh that is definanlty a great elephant!
  11. moppet

    Book Help

    I would reccomend any japanese amigurumi book. Most of them have international charts as well as written instructions if you cant read japanese too. Pretty much all the japanese amigurumi books I have seen are packed with cute little amis!
  12. I wouldnt of thought of using plastic bags. How does it work compared to using yarn?
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