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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a free civil war pattern? I need it for a school project. I know I should not have waited till the last minute to start it. I would like it to be a quick pattern to make. Thank you.
  2. I don't have a pattern but would like one too. Those are my favorite flowers.
  3. How did you decrease? Do you spread them out around the circle like you do increases in the round?
  4. If any one has the pattern for the coaster set that does use cds I would like that one.
  5. Please add me to the list also. Thank you.
  6. could you tell me how you did the thumb opening. I have done tunisian with the double ended hook and made a purse but do not understand the thumb part
  7. hey if you find a way to make it with less holes I would like to try it also. I wonder if other types of decreases would work?
  8. I tried to teach my child for years, then realized that although she is right handed in everything else she crochets left handed. I wish I had thought of that sooner. So now I tell people I teach to try both hands and find what is comfortable.
  9. I love your hotpads. I am making one with pink and white. I am having trouble with the border that connects the points. How many stitches of each one do work into?
  10. I think your puppy is cute. I have three chihuahuas of my own so I would be interested in a carry bag or pouch also.
  11. I use A metal flip open kids pencil holder. Mine has care bears on it because I love them.
  12. I would be interested to find where to get a complete set of circular or double ended hooks with interchangeable cables if anyone knows a source.
  13. A lint roller from walmart after it has been emptied of all of the sticky sheets with the end cut off works great for a ball winder.
  14. Welcome! I am from Cullman Alabama
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