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  1. I'm looking for a pattern, crochet or relatively easy knit, for a men's scarf. I need something fairly conservative that can be made from one color of yarn and not be boring. The recipient in mind is my boyfriend. He's 30 years old, but is uncomfortable with bright colors, pastels, or stripes (he's an officer in the military...somehow he ends up wearing the same set of colors at work or not, haha). I work, I'm trying to find a new car really quickly, and looking to change jobs and move in the next couple of weeks, so something that works up relatively fast would be fantastic! A store bought choice for a Christmas gift would be ideal for the sake of time, but he makes more than me, and I can't think of a single thing he needs or wants that he doesn't already have. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be awesome! Thank you all, and have a happy holiday season! :-)
  2. My best friend is getting ready to have her second child, a baby girl, in a couple of weeks. I live in the midwest, and while the weather is still very um, variable in March, I'd like to make something for her or the baby that is appropriate for spring. I don't have a lot of money to work with, and I want something easy to care for, so I'll probably be using Simply Soft or some other yarn I can find for about $3 a skein at Walmart. I'm considering making some kind of a large wrap or something, since she breastfeeds, and often ends up carrying around a blanket or such. That or a baby blanket. But in terms of items FOR small infants, I'm kind of at a loss as to what kind of yarn I should avoid, if there's anything that could be dangerous to them, etc. Mothers and people who know more about children than I do, bring out your patterns! I'm pretty good at designing my own items, as well, but I'm not really sure what to make that would be most useful. Your suggestions and tips are very much appreciated!! :-)
  3. I'm not throwing in the towel, but this is me officially declaring that I believe everyone who participates in this pastime either a masochist or has way more of that virtue they call "patience" than I seem to possess. Nonetheless, it IS pretty. And it seemed to me to be a good way to perfect my crocheting skills some more because if one does it sloppily it looks, well...you know. Sloppy. Or maybe it's a patience exercize, like Origami, which I also happen to like. I once made a 6 inch long eastern dragon from a piece of cardstock that was about four feet by eight inches. It took me about two hours, yet it didn't seem like it until I looked at the clock. Yup. I'm a masochist. Lol.
  4. So why the heck am I sitting here doing it? Mark my words, pineapples will be the death of me.
  5. Baha...don't feel bad, my dear, I'm 21 and I find myself wishing more and more that I had enough free cash to go through with my idea to get my optometrist to make me a pair of clip-on magnifying lenses. My frames come with clip-on sunglasses, and when I bought them I had the notion that it would be a wonderful idea to buy an extra set of the clip sunglasses, since the frames do come apart, and have low level magnifying lenses put in for just this sort of occasion. In other words I like tiny crafts sometimes and I'm about bat blind, lol.
  6. Hmm. I edited that post when I figured out the HTML tags do not work on here. :-! But if you paste the links into your address bar, you should be able to see the pics.
  7. That's weird, it shows up for me...ô_O I can post the regular links and see if that works. Capelet sketch: http://www.angelfire.com/goth2/psychopixie/capelet_sketch.JPG Yarn colors sample: http://www.angelfire.com/goth2/psychopixie/thumbnail_-_yarn_colors.JPG
  8. Hmm. That sounds like a fantastic way to get myself to start working on Xmas gifts. Unfortunately I'm unemployed atm and have no white thread. :-( All I have is black, pink, and green...I'm a newcomer to crocheting with thread, so I didn't really get time to work on my thread stash while my temp job lasted. x_x When I have expendable income again, I'll totally jump on that bandwagon.
  9. :-) Thanks so much. That's a really great insight.
  10. Alright, I scanned a sample of the yarn and the sketch I made. Let's see if that helps. And yeah, it would be adorable for a child's capelet, actually. :-) Sorry for the crappy quality on the drawing...I made it smaller than I meant to when editing it because I forgot what zoom I had on, and I was entirely too lazy to re-edit it, so I just enlarged it again.
  11. Alright, there seems to be a lot of people interested in seeing the sketch. I'll put a couple of sample strands of yarn next to it in the scanner and see where I get from there...
  12. I'm thinking about designing a capelet/shawl type thing that looks like a flower. I have some red heart super saver yarn I've been using (pale yellow, rose pink, coffee) that I initially intended to make a blanket from, but in looking at the color combination, I thought it would be a good basis for a capelet. So I set about sketching an idea onto the back of a bookmark because it's what's handy at my desk. I ended up with a 7-petal flower with wide, pointed petals that starts at the center with coffee, changes to yellow, then to rose pink, then to a darker pink used for a border. I only have one problem: Besides the fact that I haven't even started to design this thing yet, I need a second opinion. I love crocheting, but taking into consideration my age (I'm 21) and style, I try to be careful not to wander too far into the realm of the kitchy. Old-fashioned is okay as long as it still turns out elegant and is adaptable to today's fashions, and I'm open to new and interesting things, I just don't want to start on a project thinking it will be good and have it end up an eyesore. (I've had this happen twice so far...I made a stuffed earthworm that I think is awesome and everyone else thinks is mostly just ambiguous, and I started making a baby blanket for a friend's 1-year-old daughter but stopped when I decided it looked like a bag of skittles threw up in a pattern. The latter actually took up a LOT of time, and I still haven't finished it. I'm likely to scan the squares I do have done and ask around about whether it's horrible.) So here's my question to you, my fellow crocheters: Do you think a brown, yellow, and pink capelet designed like a flower and colored as described above would be weird, or cool?
  13. Bouncing off the walls and jingling through the house. :-) That's an amusing thought. Beautiful scarf, thanks for sharing.
  14. That's seriously awesome. :-) I don't mean to sound like a scrounge, but you wouldn't happen to have a pattern you used for that, would you?
  15. That's adorable! But I would feel bad sticking hooks into Mr. Frog. :-/
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