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    Just starting out, sorta self taught, with some help from the mil :)
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    Cheyenne Wyoming
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    Crochet, computers, reading, being a mom
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    I was working in retail, but with number 3 on the way, I will be a stay at home mom
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    blankets and afghans
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  1. IamJolyn

    homespun Russet

    Hey everyone, friend of mine 1 skein of Homespun in Russet, and it seems it is no longer made. She is willing to pay what it is worth and shipping cost if anyone has a skein or two. Thanks!
  2. IamJolyn

    My first doily lantern

    I must add my awe at these as well! What a fun creative idea, I to think they would sell
  3. IamJolyn

    help with bead crochet

    Yes Granny Square, like tapestry crochet, where the beads make a pattern and need to be in every stitch, I think i need to use a bigger hook. They are seed beads, size 6/0, my biggest problem is they are pretty cheap glass beads, and they are ALL different sizes lol and that isn't helping. I did another bag, and it worked out ok, but it was cotten thread, and I think that is the biggest difference, the nylon really has no give. I might try skipping every 2nd or 3 stitch at your suggestion, maybe that will help keep it loose. I have the smaller 11/0 seed bead on order and some pearl cotten thread that I will try next.
  4. IamJolyn

    help with bead crochet

    Yes, I have been up and down that forum searched other online places, and not luck, and crochetville has never let me down yet!
  5. IamJolyn

    help with bead crochet

    Hey everyone, So I am doing my second little 'treasure' bag, the first one wasn't solid beads, just had a thick band around the middle, however the second one, i did an octogan base without beads, then as I worked up am doing solid beads. I am using size 2 nylon thread and 6/0 seed beads, started with a size B (1) hook, then switched to a size 3 . . . but my problem is the beads are maybe to close together and are heavily curling over (it looks almost like a beaded rope around the edge) and i can't even straigten it out fully by hand. So, I guess my question is, would the nylon be to stiff, no give? do i need bigger hook? I know the normal way to make these is to use the smaller 11 seed beads, but i bought these and would like to use them. . . so any suggestions would be so welcome!
  6. quality matters! my first beads i bought were czech, and I made them into a very nice bracelet, the next set of beads were nice glass beads form HL, and they also were great, had a few more size differences, but all in all even and pretty, then I got some glass beads from . . . . wallyworld, and yes they were cheap, and yes i was getting them to practice, but geez, they are pretty awful oh well, live and learn!
  7. IamJolyn

    Looking for . . .

    Thanks Crocus, I am and I have, and I will most likely use one of them, buy the pattern, however it wasn't the same as the one I saw, but I think one of them will work
  8. IamJolyn

    Looking for . . .

    Ok i found the picture that i saw, it is called (at least in this listing) a miser's pruse, just not quite how I remember, so looks like I will have to make up my own verison of it lol, still would love if anyone has feedback, comments or suggestions!
  9. IamJolyn

    Looking for . . .

    I saw this purse on either ebay or etsy, and it said the style of it, and I for the life of me can't remember the name, nor can i find it on either site. I thought it might a miser's purse, but that isn't it (the ones with the strings, and you pull it open through) this one is shaped more like a cressent, with the handle attached to both ends, an there is a slit in top middle, very simple . . . anyone that can help direct me to find the name, and/or hopefully a pattern (tho i think i can figure something out with a picture) Thanks everyone! :manyheart:hug
  10. IamJolyn

    I have discovered bead crochet!!!!

    Craftylady, check out youtube, there are wonderful tutorals there! I used bead crochet in the search, and found quite a few. I find it pretty easy, i started with cotton yarn and plastic pony beads, but quickly moved on to thread and seed beads. Kathy I will! I have been looking all over for purse patterns, and haven't had much luck, though I did do a little treasure bag with beads ( I will post a picture soon) and that turned out alright. Thanks for the advice And after looking at Kathy's site, she has a fantastic tutoral on the rope beads, that includes graphs for patters!! check hers out too
  11. I LOVE bead crochet! i have been making beaded ropes, and i can't seem to stop lol. I want to tackle wire and beads, and my goal is to do clutches and small wrist bags, fully beaded . . . tho i am having a hard time finding patterns for those, any one have any suggestions? I am talking were you reall can't see the thread/yarn, just covered in beads Anywho, thanks!
  12. IamJolyn

    Raspberry Popcorn Afghan

  13. IamJolyn

    My FBB :)

    Thanks everyone! the strap was a lot of fun to make and i also love the way it turned out
  14. IamJolyn

    My FBB :)

    This one has been done for a while, but due to life, i haven't posted it until now lol, Browns and light blues, I love the colors Have a few people fighting over who gets it Anywho, here it is!
  15. IamJolyn

    Another FBB!!

    Don't you just love these bags? LOVE your flowers on them great job!