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  1. I'm back at Crochetville after a long absence. I'm back and ready to look around again and start all over. Left another and here I am.
  2. Now that is a neat idea!! Great job!!!!
  3. I recently finished this afghan for a friend of mine from high school. Her son is going there in August. I may have another afghan for Bowling Green University. Im happy to report he loved the afghan. The afghan is made up of 100-4" black squares and the white logo is made up of 300-1" granny squares.
  4. WOW!!!!!! That is gorgeous!!! GREAT JOB!!!
  5. love the site layout!!! glad you are back. I missed coming here and getting inspired!!!
  6. For some reason I cannot see the picture wish I could. Links tells there is no file.
  7. spiritwalker, I dont design anything. I just start crocheting and let hte yarn lead me where it wants to go. ;-) I just go with the flow. skatters, I usually either sell my afghans or give them away as gifts.
  8. crabby, I just let the yarn lead me where it wants to go!! ;-) No charting done at all.
  9. crabby rat, I have no pattern I follow. It is a granny square and I just switch up the colors. I dont change my colors in the traditional way, I just tie knots when I want to change colors. I tie the knots so small that they are almost invisible..and yes they stay tight and do not come undone. ;-)
  10. I literally just finished this afghan a few minutes ago. Cant wait to start another one. :cheer:hook
  11. That is so flippin' cool!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
  12. That looks as if it is done in the back loops only, am I correct/ I love the look of those. Very textured and I love textured squares like that. Good job!!
  13. spiritwalker Yes I design all my afghans. Actually, I dont follow anything. i just set down and start crocheting and whatever comes out of my head, goes into the afghan. After searching and searching for many a year, I think I ahve found my real niche in crochet. thanks for the compliments.
  14. alibra Thanks for the compliments, but I am a male. LOLOL thats ok though. I know its he thought.
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