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  1. Dear, fairy godmother:hug Thank you so much for the kool aid you sent me:yay Jesper, was so happy for the spidermanstickers he got, you made our day:c9 I would have posted a picture, but my camera is broken. Thank you, thank you, thank you:hug
  2. A big warm thank you, to my dear fairy goodmother and her son:manyheart I got a message in the mail, telling me to go to the postoffice to pick up a parcel, that were to big to fit in our mailbox:D I could not wait until I got home, so I opened the box in the car:blush The box was filled with goodies, and I got my favorite : Fruit Roll Ups:cheer I got patterns, and there was a very cute crocheted bag, filled with fruit snacks, tootsie rolls, chocolate, gum and much more My son was in the car, and he was just as excited as me. When we found a letter adressed to him, and a sportsbottle also for my son, need I tell you, he was crazy happy:lol Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for thinking of us:hug
  3. That is beautiful ! What a great gift:yes
  4. That is so cool:clap You are very talented:hook
  5. WoW:clap That is absolutely beautiful. Your niece is a lucky girl, having you as an aunt:yes
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