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  1. Awesome. That gives me the confidence in it I needed, thanks! Now I can't wait 'til Friday to start on it! I love it! Is it a pound of each color...? The reason my center hole is smaller is because I start with a 'magic circle'. I love those things.
  2. That's lovely! It would be wonderful to display on the 4th of July as well.
  3. You think so? I was hoping they'd be noticeable and was thinking with my next one doing the bobble row in a different color from the rows surrounding it to make them stand out a bit more maybe...? That is absolutely lovely!
  4. Finished another practice RR for the Olympics! This one I experimented putting little bobbles in, as I want my tree skirt to be more decorative. Here's a picture of it mostly finished... I'll upload the finished probably Monday next week, as I'm heading out of town this weekend. I love how soft the yarn is, and I'm not really sure what type of yarn it is.. Caron Millends is what the bag said.
  5. Starting another one!! I'm trying to come up with my own pattern, as I am making a tree skirt for the Olympics and want it to be an original pattern. The practice one I have now will be a baby afghan and I'm messing with adding bobbles in it along with the color change... Not sure how I like it yet. Pictures will come later for y'alls opinion (which I value) Wish I could help, I made a scrap one and am unsure how much I used. That's so pretty! I think a cream would go really nice with the variegated yarn in the center, depending on how you want to finish it out.
  6. Awww, babies... I can't wait until my family members start having babies, or maybe a few friends. We're all right at that age of newlywedness and not babies yet. But babies love crochet!
  7. Just found this thread... I'm in Hickory, NC - about 1 hr north-west of Charlotte. I used to work in Shelby, where a few of you posted from. Wish I knew where all y'all were a few years ago, I went to college out between Fayetteville and Raleigh (Campbell University) Oh well. Hey from another Tar Heeler! If y'all wanna get together to crochet, it doesn't have to be in Hickory as long as it's close.
  8. Uhm.. actually, a modification of Lyns. Basically, instead of the valley being to skip the 2 dc, I did a sc tog in the first round, then the following, took the bottom three in the valley and did a hdc tog in those. I didn't think that all those holes would make a nice dish cloth.
  9. They worked up in... probably about 15-30 minutes, and yes, it is cotton. I don't like working with cotton 'cause it hurts my fingers, so it takes me longer. It was about 5-6 rounds, the edge is just a sc RRSS around, though a rev sc might would've looked better... *ponders for another*
  10. So beautiful, all of you!! I picked up an idea posted by I forget who a few pages ago on this thread - RR dishcloth anyone? Pic one Pic two
  11. I used 2 strands with N hook (misc ww yard) and it worked up pretty quick for me, here's a picture.
  12. A dish cloth... I hadn't even thought of that and have 2 dishcloths to make for someone. Wonderful! And yet another excuse to do a RR.
  13. Sherrilynn, that is LOVELY!!! cpsmith, I love the color contrasts in yours! I finally finished mine, and it makes a great kitchen rug (though I will use it after I put it in our local fair) In Progress... http://pics.livejournal.com/stinanthemum/pic/0000dehs/g4 Finished... http://pics.livejournal.com/stinanthemum/pic/0000e4fk/g4 To give you an idea of the size, the gym shoe toe at the bottom left corner belongs to my size 9 foot.
  14. Thanks! I pulled out my worsted weight stash and decided to improvise. I wanted a rug for the floor, so I thought 2 strands with size N hook might work well. I'm on row 14 with mostly mix-n-match colors and a few solid 'neutrals' thrown in. I'll post a picture as soon as I can get one on the computer for posting. I just love pulling odd colors together!
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