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    Celia Winters
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    An avid crocheter and reader. I've been crocheting for more than 40 years. Have been singing in a southern gospel choir for about 14 years who backs up the top singers in Southern Gospel Music.
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    Shallotte, NC
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    Crocheting, Reading, Traveling, Singing in a Gospel Choir
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    Afghans prayer shawls
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    Since 1971
  1. Have a friend that is part of a group that sends helmet caps and washcloths to soldiers - when I saw her last weekend, I gave her seven dozen washcloths to send. She could not believe that I had done that many - really I had a stash of part of them but was so glad that they were going to such a good cause. I will do some more.
  2. Absolutely adorable - I am making this for a little girl at our church. She was in the hospital on Christmas with pneumonia an I gave her a prayer afghan. Her grandmother gave her a baby doll and matchings clothes for her and the doll. I am going to make this for the baby doll who she calls 'baby'.
  3. I live in Shallotte, NC which is the last beaches in southeastern NC and is 30 miles below Wilmington, NC and 30 miles above Myrtle Beach, SC.
  4. A lady that worked with my dh taught me in 1971 and I haven't stopped since. She thought a hdc was a dc and it was quite a while before I realized the difference. Never told her.
  5. A dear friend taught me to crochet in 1971 and I was 24 years old. I am telling my age but I am proud:clapof it. I had tried to learn from a cousin that insisted I learn using thread but I soon was discouraged and quit but when I learned the second time, it is a big part of my life almost every day.
  6. I consider myself an advanced crocheter since I have been crocheting since 1971 except to the patterns of changing colors and I am a 'wimp'. I think I have a mental block and avoid these like the plague. One day I am going to do it but 'just not today'.
  7. I live at the beach, Shallotte, NC and hello to you.
  8. I am at the beach down in Shallotte (Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach). We live in town but to drive to the teach is about five miles. We can go get in the summer time crowd if we want to. This time of year it is grocery shop from Monday through Thursday.
  9. A close friend taught me. One day at work in Oct. 1971 I made the coment that I wanted to learn to crochet and she replied that she would teach me. We went to her house for dinner that evening and the rest is history. My very first project was a granny afghan and I was reading the pattern. The interesting part was that she thought a hdc was a dc and it was a LONG time before I figured out the difference.
  10. I live in Shallotte, NC which is half way between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, SC. We love it. We are intown and driving about 6 miles to the beach.
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