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    Celia Winters
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    An avid crocheter and reader. I've been crocheting for more than 40 years. Have been singing in a southern gospel choir for about 14 years who backs up the top singers in Southern Gospel Music.
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    Shallotte, NC
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    Crocheting, Reading, Traveling, Singing in a Gospel Choir
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    Afghans prayer shawls
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    Since 1971
  1. Hello to all of you from the 'now chilly' beaches of southeastern North Carolina. I have been away for a while but have been extremely busy crocheting prayer shawls for church, singing in a large southern gospel music choir and doing lots of yard work. Look forward to catching up on crocheting!
  2. I am looking for West Virginia Cross Stitch Pattern(s) to purchase (and I will be glad to pay shipping also). I have the pattern for the state with the products but I am interested in West Virginia Landmark patterns as well as the University of West Virginia patterns including the Mountaineer. Our son's new 'boss' is a native of West Virginia and we want to give him some cross stitch 'art' for his office wall. I am getting the West Virginia fleece to crochet the edging. Anyone that can help me would be most appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Have a friend that is part of a group that sends helmet caps and washcloths to soldiers - when I saw her last weekend, I gave her seven dozen washcloths to send. She could not believe that I had done that many - really I had a stash of part of them but was so glad that they were going to such a good cause. I will do some more.
  4. Welcome Becky - you are going to love this place - I send greetings to you from the sandy beaches of southeastern NC!!! On another note - I grew up in the Asheville area and still own part of my family farm there. ::
  5. I have the Ott light equivalent from A. C. Moore (yes, I used a 50% off coupon to get it) and I love it. Just to see how much better the light is, change to a different lamp, it won't take you much time to change back due to the light being so much lighter and clearer.
  6. Hello and welcome from the beaches of southeastern NC - you will love it here!
  7. I am finishing a prayer shawl, edging a fleece blanket and making chemo caps for my friend to take when she goes for her appointment next week. I have the yarn waiting for another prayer shawl. Seems like when we give away one prayer shawl, it turns into at least four almost immediately. At the moment, there are only two of us making prayer shawls at church and I want to get our supply built back up because I don't do shawls in the summer time.
  8. I have worked part-time for a number of years as a paralegal doing research for real estate appraisers but the first of last year, I stopped doing that. Seems like I am busier retired that I was working. I keep finding or they find me, projects that need doing that doesn't produce any money, such as the church prayer shawl/afghan ministry which is quite large. Also singing in the church choir and traveling with our travel choir that does back up singing for the top names in southern gospel music. Always another project but it sure makes an interesting experience because I would not fair well if I didn't have a waiting project list.
  9. It is worthless to contact Mary Maxim with continuous errors in patterns. I have been told more than twice that they have sold many patterns and no one has complained of errors. Now that just ain't right. The pineapple center afghan kit that they keep selling is also riddled with errors and MM does not seem to care! I purchase only two of their afghan kits and both had lots of errors - no more. I have been in the area of their store twice and refused to go and waist funds buying from a company that doesn't care about their own mistakes! And furthermore why should be give them the corrections in their patterns for free & they will profit from our work.
  10. Love your toilet seat cover pattern - I have been looking for one that was not made of thread. I am making chemo caps for a dear friend and will use your shell pattern cap for one for her. I was just finishing one for her and what to get a few made and in the mail to her. Thanks again for sharing your patterns!
  11. Welcome from another NC person who lives at the beaches in southeastern NC next to the SC line. You will love this place and will start back crocheting. The people here make crocheting very addiciting with all their creative new patterns.
  12. My fav quick pattern is the rectangle granny at the Bernat yarn site with a twist. I use an I hook and if I am doing a quick afghan I only do 30 rows with a one row border. Now to further put a twist on this pattern, I chain 140 and do 16 rows with a one row border for a quick prayer shawl and I have made lots of both patterns. Hope this helps!
  13. Thanks for your suggesitons. Love the granny one. Just finished a shawl that I made as I went working across and thought I'd never get through. Going to do another shawl as a rectangle granny where I chain on like 139 and you do about 16 rows and a border. To me that goes faster than working straight across and back. I am trying to use up some of my stash that has outgrown itself. DH is not saying anything but I know he thinks I have too much yarn around.
  14. I think I have seen one of these but don't remember where. I am looking for a crochet afghan pattern that about every row is different BUT it is worked lengthwise instead of across. I have one where every round is different but I am looking for a length one. What I want to use it for is making a prayer shawl. Think this will be different and lovely. Thanks anyone and everyone for your assistance!!!
  15. Jean as well as Rita made crochet an industry and promoted it around the world. Her stamp on the crochet communtiy will live for generations as her patterns are created time and again. She is/was a 'legend' in her time and may she "rest in peace". We will remember!
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