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  1. The bears and owl are really cute!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just AMAZING!!!!!! Any little girl will love it. A AMAZING AMAZING JOB!!!!!! Thanks for all the pics, and also for your amazing talent. :hug
  3. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! I'm putting this on my wish list for this year. THANK YOU for the pattern. I love snowmen. :2snowman:2snowman:2snowman
  4. REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like the pattern, but if you are going to sell it? Please let me know how much? I' m on a fixed income, and I'll have to put some money back. But thanks for the great ideal!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think your little one will LOVE it LOF. I would loved to had one also:candycane!!!!!!!!! I also would love the pattern..... Thanks for all your hard work.
  6. Super cute!!!!I'm going to start working ASAP!!!!!!!! Thanks
  7. Real cute !!!!!!!! A tree would look great all done up with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I know the feeling lol :) I rather be crocheting then writing down the patterns. I have also have the same problem lol about writing down my patterns. :yes:yes. I also looked up your blog and I loved your afghans and eveything else!!!!! !!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the great ideals (You are a good artist) lol. Thanks for some great ideals. Have a great Christmas!!!!!! And please keep crocheting.
  9. There soooooo cute. I love everything you do. If you ever share you patterns I'm sure everyone would appricate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing you pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. He's really very cute!!!!! I have the same kind of yarn I think I'll try to make one also?????????
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