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  1. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I belong to a crochet group and we make wheelchair wraps for the residents of a nursing home. It is so mice to see a new pattern and I love the colors you chose.
  2. The hat pattern is so cute,,,can't wait to try it,,,TFS:yes
  3. I have a quick edging that I do..do a couple of rows of sc and then crochet a sc and dc in first stitch, then slip stitch in second stitch,,,and keep repeating
  4. Are you sure you posted the right blog? I see a page on religion???
  5. Thanks so much for posting this...got my yarn and I'm ready to start:c9
  6. I love, love, love it....can't wait for the pattern:c9
  7. I think it's just beautiful and I love the edging,,,any idea where I can get the pattern for the edging?
  8. Those are so pretty...
  9. What a pretty afghan...I also bought the Berella for .99, well to be entirely honest, I bought about 50 skeins because I just love it for afghans. I will have to try that pattern,,,thanks for sharing
  10. wgjret

    Red hat society

    At Maggies Crochet, there is also a bear with red hat society theme in the free pattern section,,very cute
  11. New yarn being stocked today at my Michaels in Southlake, Texas...can't wait to buy a skein to see how it works up and washes...
  12. wgjret

    Plum pretty

    Very pretty..I am currently making a light blue afghan with the same pattern
  13. Have fun,,,,don't forget to go online to Hobby Lobby and print off the 40% off coupon. The coupon is one per person, per day, but I always take friends and family with me, depending on how much yarn I need:lol
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