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  1. monael

    Lion Suede

    One more Q -- do you have a top or front loading washer? If a top loading one, maybe the agitation caused it? Darn, that really blows my whole plan for the truckload of it I bought at Big Lots
  2. monael

    Lion Suede

    Did it fall apart where the new yarn was joined in or in non=joined areas? Darn I want to make an afghan with it but now I am not so sure. I made a cute hat with it but it hasn't needed washing.
  3. I ordered from the Japanese Amazon site. I found a blog post where someone went to the trouble of showing what info to put in what spaces (name address etc) and it worked fine. There is also a link on the upper right that says something like "Would you like to see this site in English? Click here". But I know what you mean, I was hesitant at first too but I realllly wanted the book. I hope you find what you are looking for!
  4. I made this bag with brown and tan shades of plastic bags. THey took a long time to accumulate!
  5. monael

    Cut-Away Cardi

    Has anyone made this? It is in a book called "Jackets, Wraps and More". I am working on the edging and it doesn't seem right. After doing the first repeat of the edging, it says to repeat rows 2-6 but it doesn't come out like the picture at all. I have searched but couldn't find any corrections to the book anywhere either.
  6. There are cotton threads that are thicker, like size 3 and 5. Those would work well. Click the link for some examples: http://www.herrschners.com/depts/id-2089.html Also, you could double up the thread if you already bought some and want to use it up.
  7. Very pretty and unique design
  8. Those flowers are awesome!! Very pretty
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