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  1. What do you consider neutral sock yarn? I have ALOT of sock yarn in all kinds of brands that I have bought over the past couple of years for hubby's socks, BUT he only really likes Brown Sheep Wildfoote, so I'm left with alot of opal, trekking, etc. in either what I would call neutrals or manly-colors. LOL
  2. What size odd-balls? I use alot of cotton and have some left-overs that sometimes I can use and sometimes not. Can send you a package of cotton, but don't want to send something you can't use.
  3. I sent you a pm for your address. Married to a retired Marine, I'll be happy to help this cause!
  4. Do you have a time frame? 8" squares are not by best size, but I can manage a couple if you will PM your address, I will do my best!
  5. Please PM your address and I'll send you a square or two. If you would like to add knit squares in there, I have a few of those done. If not, I can see what I can send out tomorrow afternoon or so.
  6. Thank you so much Miranda for the pretty shawl and slipper socks. They are really very stunning. And I will enjoy wearing them!
  7. Hey girl....I'll include a couple of squares when I send the package to you. Already have your address.
  8. Have tried 2 other patterns that I didn't like, and after frogging, I am now 28" into pattern #3. So far it is working up as expected so hopefully the other zillion inches work up quite nice as well.
  9. Yeah, I have my partner and just need a couple of questions answered from her and I'll be ready to start. This is going to be fun!
  10. Hi Kelly: I just sent a package off to you. Hope you like what I put together.
  11. I mailed off 2 squares to you today.
  12. I mailed off the hat and scarf today. Hope they work for you!
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