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    mother of 6 assorted nuts and Ninn to 7 or 8 grandbabies, depending on what day it is.
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    NE PA
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    crochet, reading, karaoke, gardening, grandbabies
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    college student
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    current favorite is shorties and soakers
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    since 1974
  1. I use my cotton for kitchen accessories. Dish cloths, towel toppers, etc. I've made place mats, market bags, pot holders, and even some lacy curtains from cotton. I'll have to search the link, but there are even patterns out there to make washable swiffer pads and swiffer duster substitutes! (brilliant, if you ask me) Right now, I've got a full box of pot holders, dish cloths, a dish sponge, 2 placemats and 2 napkin rings and 2 towel toppers, all inside a market bag. Nice Christmas gift, yes?
  2. My mom and step-dad just moved down to Zephyr Hills. Is she near you?
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