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    current favorite is shorties and soakers
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  1. yup. finished one like that yesterday, finally. making an afghan for my son in law for christmas-brown and cream. BORING! plus, it's a large granny square. I've never been so glad to see the end of a project in my life. also have a hoodie going that just refuses to cooperate, so that's getting frogged and turning into something else. have a baby sweater that is short one sleeve and i ran out of yarn. baby was born last month! almost wish the holidays were over so i could get back to work!
  2. Instead of a scarf, which will dangle and can be dangerous, have you considered a neckie? They have the same effect, can be tucked into the collar of his leather and are very easy to make.
  3. looks like a harlequin basket to me! it's adorable!
  4. When I do the section for the hood, I usually do a rectangle, then seam the back for a bit. When I want to avoid the point, I work around the corners as if they were a circle, on the wrong side of the hood. That way, the pointy part will get drawn into the inside of the hood and lie flatter. Does this make sense?
  5. Got 2 new books today. Jackets, Wraps and More, and Crochet Cardigans. Found at least 4 things I want to make for myself already!
  6. How did you get yours to lie flat? I'm about 13 rows in and mine is beginning to ripple and ruffle. Will it lie flat after it's completed, washed and blocked?
  7. Since everyone seems to feel that this yarn is just too scratchy to gift, I thought I'd share my little secret publicly. I didn't come up with this, a friend on diapertraders.com told me about it when I was making soakers for Marky. Whatever you have crocheted in the RHSS, hand wash it in the bathtub with baby soap or baby shampoo. Rinse well and soak in a tub of just enough water to cover the item and 3 or 4 good squirts of cheap hair conditioner. I buy up the VO5 and Suave when they are 79 cents and use that. "Sozzle" the conditioner through the item several times and let soak for a good 30 minutes. Rinse well, roll in towel to press extra water out of it, block and dry. Most items can be fluff dried on the air only cycle till near dry, then blocked and dried flat to finish. I have never used this trick and NOT had the item in question come out soft enough to put next to a newborn baby's skin. (unlike those nasty hospital blankets that never get fabric softener. lord, those are stiff!) Good luck. Bet you find out that you can make almost everything that soft! I include these instructions with everything I make from RHSS, so that when it gets laundered, it will stay soft!
  8. How are crocheter's thought of as cheap? All you have to do is look at the price for the 40 balls of yarn for the afghan someone wants you to make for free and "cheap" is the last word I'd apply to us! If anything, we tend to be more generous than most, as we pay for our own materials, work like mad, and then give most of our work away!!
  9. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL MY CROCHET SCISSORS TO TRIM YOUR MUSTACHE WITH!! I tie knots if I feel the need. I crochet my ends into my work and trim off whatever I miss. I like lots of different yarns-it's all about how they feel to my hands. I will admit, I go to Michaels, just to molest the yarn. I work a lot with RHSS, just because it's inexpensive and I know how to make it soft enough for newborn skin. (cheap hair conditioner as softener, soak, rinse, fluff dry!) I don't block most of the time. I have never in my life completed a pattern from beginning to end without changing something. I don't think I know how! I have no idea how long it takes to complete something because life happens right when I'm almost done!
  10. That was only because I forgot to take one until we were on our way to drop it off!
  11. Ratdog~he's been gone for 5 years. I'm ok, it's just really hard to get up there. The last time I went, I got lost and totally missed the graveside service! Haven't had the time or the money to drive back up there since! Hoping to go by myself and just wander the cemetery for a while. Lots of my relatives are up there.
  12. Definitely do a border, and definitely put it on ETSY! The retro 70's color combination is very in right now and someone will buy it. By the way, the pattern itself is gorgeous!
  13. In July, I will: 1) make a hooded baby afghan for Corina 2) decide on and make an afghan to enter in the county fair. 3) make my daughter a felted bag for her 20th birthday 4) visit my father's grave for the first time 5) make something just for me.
  14. I've heard of vinegar being used as a softener after washing with laundry soap, simply because it cuts the suds and really gets them out. RH yarn softens up great just using cheap hair conditioner in the rinse cycle and letting it soak a while before rinsing and spinning.
  15. That bag is just beautiful! Of course, now I want whoppers..........lol! It's a good thing crochet keeps my hands to busy to munch on snacks.....
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