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  1. Wow, that is so very pretty!!
  2. I love to make the Dumplin Design dolls too!! She is really very, very darling.
  3. Love the vintage vibe to it! Any pattern for it coming soon??
  4. Sorry to hear that it wound up in a thrift store...but so glad it at least made its way back to you. It's so sad when people fail to realize the time that goes into a handmade item.
  5. How very pretty this is. It would make a lovely gift. Thanks for the pattern!
  6. Dang...that's really something!!!
  7. Take them back and give them to those who will be blessed with your kindness and generosity. It kills me when people do not realize the time and effort that goes into making a hand crocheted item.
  8. Most definitely a collectible! So cool!!
  9. Absolutely adore this movie, but then I really love anything with Hayley Mills!! I'm 49 and will still watch The Parent Trap, The Trouble With Angels, etc....
  10. Wow! That's really different -- I have not seen anything like it before!! Love the work!
  11. Just found this post. Absolutely amazing!! Love each and every sweater!! Thanks.
  12. It's really my favorite time to crochet -- believe it or not! I don't feel as hasseled as I do during the rest of the year. I can take the kids to the pool and sit there for a couple of hours and get a lot done!!
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