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  1. Now that the gifts are given and opened, I thought I would share pics of the 2 RRs that I made for Christmas gifts. The first is a table cover I made for Mama and the second is a spideyghan I made for my 2 year old great nephew. Pics are clickable.
  2. I think I just answered my own question. I found an earlier version of the pattern and it gave directions for 2 sc-ch 2-2 sc shells so I'm guessing this round also counts in the small, large, large shell sequence. Right?
  3. I have decided to make the spidey-ghan for my nephew for Christmas. I do have a question, though. Probably very simple answer but I need some clarification. I know the pattern says to keep repeating rounds 7,8, and 9, having 1 round of small shells followed by 2 rounds of large shells. My question is, when you add the black sc round, do you always do it in sc small shells or if it time for a round of large shells, do you do that? If it is always sc, ch2, sc, is it basically ignored in the 1 small, 2 large shell sequence? I hope I am explaining myself so you can understand. Thanks for any
  4. Very pretty! I started mine this afternoon, also in Christmas colors but I also added a gold and my repeats are different.
  5. Thanks. I spent almost all day yesterday in front of the computer, skimming all the messages again and I 'think' I regathered all the important info. And I have already printed it all as well as saving it. I'm really anxious to get started but I have 2 afghans almost finished that I must finish first. But that just gives me time while I'm stitching on them to try to decide on a color combo for the first one. I'm leaning toward navy, yellow and ivory for an accent since I have all of them in my stash. May have to get a skein of white for an accent instead, though, depending on how the yell
  6. Whaaahhhhh!!!! After spending all that time going through all the posts and copying info, tips, and pics, I went in this morning to print and the file would not open! :eek It said it was corrupted!! Oh No!!! I've gone back and found the patterns and printed them already so at least I have that much. Now I guess I'll go back and skim for the tips.
  7. I have fallen in love with these RRs! I have spent the last two days reading all of the posts and looking at all the pics that haven't been deleted. Whew! What a job! But a very enjoyable one, I might add. I have been copying pics of many of them to a folder on my puter where it will be easier for me to refer to them. I am going to start making these soon. I have a couple of projects that I must finish before I can begin and I need to decide on colors and maybe do some yarn shopping for them first. Then I'm in!
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