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    I have a pug and two cats. I want to go to cooking school.
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    Tottering-on-the-Brink, Land's End
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    pugs, cats, reading, gourmet cooking, crocheting, pretending I know how to knit
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    Whatever I finish
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  1. Me, using books with pictures, when I was about 47.
  2. Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Picasso (to say nothing of Harry S Truman) were all left handed. With company like that how could I deny it? (writing, crocheting, and everything else)
  3. I was my teacher, and I was 46 or 47. My inheritance when my mom died was all her hooks and stash.
  4. im very left handed, crochet that way, and dislocated my left shoulder and fractured my upper left arm this week! it hurts to crochet, and i cant do much else; there are only so many reruns one person can watch! i can crochet a little, but i have to go slow, think about it, and only do a little at a time. :grump (SHES left handed!)
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