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    I have a pug and two cats. I want to go to cooking school.
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    Tottering-on-the-Brink, Land's End
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    pugs, cats, reading, gourmet cooking, crocheting, pretending I know how to knit
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    Whatever I finish
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  1. Just gorgeous. I'll hold her in the light.
  2. What is Pompadour baby yarn used for? It's so scratchy I can't imaging it being anywhere near a baby's skin. Some time ago I was given some in very pretty pastel colors and I have 2-3 skeins left, not enough for an afghan.
  3. :woo:woo :party:flower:dance:flower:cake:soap :woo:woo
  4. I opened this post to read about why you made your cat a hotpad. I was afraid my two would get jealous! They're cute.
  5. My cousin's wife is expecting her first baby. I'm told she's a knitting fiend and will probably make lots of her own baby stuff. What are unusual things or things she might need duplicates of? I never had babies, so I'm not really sure. What about a hooded blanket (think Pound o' Love label), perhaps done for after a bath and some washcloths or bath mitts? Or a floor activity mat? (to put an infant on the floor), maybe black and white and red? Suggestions?
  6. The secret (mine, anyway) is to read the directions first and refuse to make anything that gets that fussy!
  7. I always hold my crochet hook underhand like a knife (i.e., not like a pencil). A few minutes ago, I got it in my head to try the other hold. Going from one to the other is like the first few times reading in a moving car or riding in a backward-facing train seat. My fingers also wouldn’t follow any directions sent to them by my brain, not even YO (much like me trying to knit).
  8. There are a bunch on Ravelry. Good Luck. (I have a pug, and have a devil of a time fitting his chest.)
  9. from Chicago. I'm left handed, too, but I'm afraid I'm not one that can give you tips and advice about making clothes--I'm scared, too! I'll be watching for the answers.
  10. :cheer:cheer They're quite ugly (or at least funny looking) but I made things actually recognizable as doilies! OK, so the first ones were made of thick WW yarn, using a K hook, and the others weren't much nicer or smaller, but they're all round and have the right kind of stitches in the right places! You might not see my work in a gallery soon, but I'm happy! YAY ME! clap:clap:clap:yay:yay: :cheer:cheer :woo:woo:
  11. A white hooded baby afghan to go to the abused women's and children's shelter near me. Off the hooks (done) and across the room are the two baby afghans, taunting me that "Nyah-a-nyah-nyah, we haven't been mailed yet!" and another saying, "Wash me, wash me, before you give me to the shelter!" Don't you just hate talking projects? Although sometimes it's helpful, as in, "Not that color!" "The N is better than the J, don't you think? Besides, if you use that, you can start on that scarf sooner." "Surely there's time for ____________ more row(s)."
  12. I would like to crochet things for Christmas and birthdays for my neighbors, a married couple with no children. I have no kids either, so we get along. Although I've known them at least 15 years and spend time at their house I have no idea what colors or styles they like, or things they want or need (Oddly enough, we consider ourselves pretty good friends. We just get along really well.) Anyway, she and I talked, and I said the only thing I know for sure is that she hates pink and things that are heart shaped. I told her I don't want to pay for materials, and spend weeks or months making somet
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