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  1. wrenlover


    Thank you, you may be right. Seems familiar and I'm on the hunt now.
  2. wrenlover


    Does anyone recall a booklet, book or pattern with Chickens? They were made with verigated cotton yarn (I believe) and had dangly feet. They were relatively small (maybe 4 to 6 inches tall). I cannot remember if I found it in a magazine or it was a pattern book. If someone can refresh my memory I would greatly appreciate it and tell me where I can find it. I've moved and misplaced some things, need to know what I'm looking for. Thank you so much for your help. Lisa
  3. I actually found the pattern through crochetville, it takes you to Bernat site. I've just never heard this happening before. I've been on their site many times in the past (although not recently) this is something ive never experienced. Thanks for your reply. Lisa
  4. Has anyone tried to access Bernat website and been denied if you have a verizon email? I was trying to get a pattern and it says it cannot connect to verizon email addresses'. I am confused and wondering why. Thanks, Lisa
  5. I am looking for a cat toy that starts as a circle, is folded and stuffed with catnip and stuffing. It is then sealed with single crochet stitch with little dangly feet. I remember it being done in white with colored edging and feet. My cat loves them. Lost the pattern. I believe it was free. Just cannot find. I think it is a chicken or bird of some sort..It has a beak too. Thanks, Lisa
  6. I picked this up at my local Michaels store a few weeks ago. The sample they had on display was not crocheted correctly. It didn't look as three dimensional as it did in the picture. If someone went strictly by the sample, they may not have wanted to attempt this free pattern at all. Lisa Glad you were able to post the pattern here for everyone. Would be nice if they allowed all those free patterns to be shared right here.
  7. Thank you for all of your help. I FINALLY just kept going on the pattern and just let things happen. IT WORKED! The hat is a little big but the pattern fell into place after row 10 and beyond. This one almost had me giving up. Thanks again for all the help out there. I am making this one over and over. It is really pretty.
  8. I think I have the beginnings of arthritis in my thumbs from all the crocheting I've done over the years (can barely open a jar). But I find that taking frequent breaks and pressing your palms and fingers together to open those fingers up (after holding a hook and your project gripped in your hand for long periods of time helps to stretch those tendons in your fingers. Rolling a tennis ball between your palms and fingers feels good to. Give yourself a hand and finger massage with some hand cream while you take a break, working it down into the wrist area. These things work for me and I find my fingers don't cramp and bother me near as much anymore. Lots of good tips out there! Lisa
  9. As I recall it does start to curl, but for me...it is curling in the revearse (inward) the exact opposite of the way it should be. I wish there were pics beyond round 7. I fear this one is beyond me. Thanks to all for trying to help. I'm not giving up yet but I am truly stumped. Lisa
  10. I suppose what is confusing to me also is that it says 20 clusters and 80 stitches from row 7 on...I have done row after row only to have a lovely flat hot pad. I keep trying, but just when I think I have figured it out...I still have a lovely flat hot pad. Lisa:think
  11. I seem to be fine as I am going along (because I can see the pattern forming) however but it remains flat. The pics only go to round 7 so I cannot see anything beyond to see if I am even getting it exactly. I am obviously missing something. It looks just like the pics...just don't have anything beyond round 7 to help, unfortunately. If I finally Understand what I am doing wrong and I actually make this hat, you will hear a scream from wherever you are I can promise you! I can usually figure stuff out but I am about to just give up crocheting for good!!Seems that 30+ years of crocheting doesn't mean diddly right now. Thank you for trying to help me. I will try the stitch marker thing... Lisa
  12. I must be losin my mind...I think I am giving up on this one at least for now. I just don't get it.
  13. wrenlover

    Pattern help!

    I came across a beautiful hat pattern on Ravelry. Its free and It can also be found on her website http://www.kristy-tom.com/index.php/2009/01/diamond_ridges/ I am at a loss. I have tried this pattern over and over and over. I still end up with a flat round piece. What I don't understand is that their are decreases, yet the number of stitches is the same from row 7 on. What am I doing wrong? I am so frustrated, I am not a beginner but I am missing something obviously can someone help me. The pattern is unique and quite beautiful. There are others on the site who have the same issues. I don't know if anyone has reached the actual creator of the pattern to ask for help...there is no response on the site from others questions.
  14. Is it the one on Knit and crochet now site? They have a circular crochet scarf in a berry frappe color. It is a free pattern. http://knitandcrochetnow.com/fly.aspx?layout=patternsindex&taxid=163 Skim down the page it is quite a ways down the page. Lisa
  15. Yes, it was in the newsletter awhile back. I saved it so I could try it in the future. Now that I have a use for it I cannot get it to work. I can't find a pattern anywhere to give you more info on just the 2 squares shown in the pictures. Thanks for responding, I keep looking to see if anything resembles that joining to help me figure it out. I suppose it would look ok going only in one direction, but it really is different and I'd like to use it throughout. Lisa
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