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  1. I too am looking for this pattern if someone has one that they would be willing to sell me?
  2. My dad has bowel cancer - Last year they operated and removed one large tumor... this year he has had another 4 removed and has to have yet another op done to determine if they will remove the whole bowel or not. I am wondering - How do I request a comfortghan for him ? and I would also require one for my mum whom is going through alot as she has to have an operation Friday on her arm.... Do I just ask for square donations? I am in Australia - would that be a problem? Thanks for your help Charlene
  3. Many years ago I had a pattern that had been torn out of one of the weekly women's magazines for a pair of crocheted mice or bunny booties. They were just the cutest... the bootie pattern was similar to mary Janes with 2 little ears and an embroidered nose... Of course after moving several times I can no longer find my pattern so I was wondering if anyone out there knew of something similar online ??? I have just searched and found 2 knitted versions but no crochet. Please help thanks Chars x
  4. I would join this swap in a flash as well... as my hubby is another of these men that supports my crochet 100% - he is the one that collects the mail from the post office so it would be nice for him to find a surprise parcel with his name on it!!
  5. Love it - count me into dishcloth Tuesdays I actually made one on Tuesday for a yahoogroup exchange... My husband has been nagging me and nagging me to make some for us... so now I pledge to make 1 a week for a year... or so... lol so we should have lots and lots of dishcloths - at least 52...
  6. HI Woomba... You can officially start stalking your parcel person... I sent your GREEN box off to you this afternoon I hope you like all the lovely green goodies. Please let me know when you receive. Hugs Chars x
  7. Dearest Kat (woomba) - My package is here Thankyou so much for being my lovely partner for this swap. I love everything that you sent me. I received a lovely tote bag, a bag holder, a handmade basket of soaps, washcloths and handcream, a cute little ami and a rose brooch. All in my favourite colour of PINK I have posted a photo on my blog. http://charsdays.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-favourite-colour-swap.html Once again thankyou for being my partner and I hope to have yours in the mail soon. hugs Chars x
  8. I have received my partner... I am pretty sure that I sent a reply to you Juli... but I have been a bit scatterbrained lately My partner likes GREEN - I have already thought of a few different GREEN things Hugs Chars x
  9. I just emailed my survey Woo hoo I am excited :cheer:clap:cheer:clap:cheer I can't wait to get my partner
  10. Congratulations on a wonderful ELMO - I bet he is well loved by now?? My daughter is turning 1 next month and absolutely LOVES elmo I wish I could make her one Hugs C xx
  11. I'm making the "Tickle me Pink" doily from page 40 of the June 2008 crochet world magazine... Though I am making it in pale blue so I guess mine will be "Tickle me Blue"? I am also using 4ply thread so it will work out even bigger than the stated size I can't use the smaller threads anymore My hands hurt too much!
  12. Thankyou everyone for the reply - looks like i need to be patient and wait for my villager status to update. I am not going anywhere... I will just go crochet my doily that is for a yahoogroup exchange
  13. Oh cool - I knew it was 30 posts - didn't realise it was 30 days too... oooooo patience is not my strong point - sigh! Guess I had better go bide my time with my huh??
  14. thankyou to everyone that has made me feel so here at the 'ville I look forward to spending many more hours looking and playing and hooking Hugs Chars x Ps - If anyone can point me in the direction of an exchange list?? Thanks
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